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The Crass Political Drama of Manny Villar Using his Mother & Sisters

You can amass all the wealth in this world but one thing that will not go on sale or money can't buy is..... CLASS.

As Manny Villar's poll numbers continue to slide down the specter of the inevitability of a losing presidential bid with the election just days away, the camp of the moneyed one is now showing signs of desperation.

What are they thinking or are they capable of thinking this through truly baffles pangits errr pundits, but then again when one is so used to getting away with almost anything it’s a hard pill to swallow.

Instead of gaining sympathy from undecided voters for Manny Villar that was the point of this praise errr “press conference” it has turned into a debacle of sorts that is more akin to a bonus circus freak side show in the Philippine presidential election.

Whose idea was it anyway to thrust Manny Villar’s 86 years old mother Curita “Nanay Curing” Villar into the center stage with his sisters Gloria, Lourdes, Cecille and Vicky into a supporting role? This is worse than a tear jerker soap opera and this was supposed to be news?

Crass, that is what it is and the lowest of the low for Manny Villar to exploit his mother’s old age shoving her into the limelight when she should enjoy her old age in peace and quiet away from the muck of dirty politics that the Philippines has been known all along.

It is bad enough that they have to resort to this cheap sympathy getting trick that went so wrong on all levels when Gloria one of the sister showed anger management problem like a juvenile brat ranting against Noynoy Aquino and the media. That was an ugly sight alright, this early the Villars has shown the public what to expect in case their brother wins….. Malacanang will be turned into a corrupt-poration errrr I meant a repetition of the past Gloria Arroyo’s governance by eruption.

Mistake, big mistake to exploit an 86 years old woman in a press conference at that is courting disaster. Whoever coached Nanay Curing did not do a good job when it sounded like she is lamenting their being poor thus no one wants to believe her "good" son. Someone probably forgot to tell Nanay Curing that Manny is now a billionaire many times over and in the prestigious Forbes list, therefore using the poor versus rich mantra is not going to work. Someone forgot to tell her that her son also earned the “Brown Taipan” moniker (not that it is a good thing because that means he amassed his fortune just like the Lusu Tans using their connections but just the same a washed with moolah) which again makes it silly to exploit the class warfare propaganda of the left as it only makes it painfully laughable and coming from an old woman is really sad. Fer crying out loud, Noynoy Aquino is a poor man if we go by his SALN compared to Villar’s fortune and perhaps as rich if not richer than Noynoy’s uncle Danding Cojoangco.

That cheap stunt really smacks of amateurism so let me offer some unsolicited advice to Manny Villar and his handlers. It is a bad idea to exploit Manny Villar’s mother in a press conference because it is difficult for viewers to even understand what she is saying. Had they done this as an infomercial where everything is scripted they might have pulled it off among the gullible public. The second problem is the war prick errr freak stance of the sisters as if it is not a turn off already really makes no sense because for one their brother had all the opportunity in the world to refute all the allegations instead of just dismissing it as a black propaganda, or walking out of the probe or plainly acting like a weasel. How the sisters project themselves in public at that in that manner only exposed their lack of good breeding. Villar should have instead “convinced” Joker Arroyo to take a 360 degree (ooops wait that’s going around in circle, but I guess that is just how it is in Philippine politics going around in circle arriving nowhere, lol), errr retraction in his earlier accusation against then candidate for Speaker of the House of ill refute errr Congress. Oh wait scrap that, Joker Arroyo will probably not make a joke of himself even though he is named like one, but then again Joker the flip flopper will not be credible anymore.

Bizarre indeed, I guess Manny Villar is not happy with the hakot errr crowd he gets from Willie Revillame's Kembot Girls (Girls shaking their booty), now he thinks doing a soap opera drama with his Mother and his Sisters as the cast of characters will get him the sympathy is so pathetic. Poor taste to put it mildly but definitely has the palengkera appeal, but the problem is he is aiming for the highest position in the land and crassness is not something we look forward to coming from his family. We have been pummeled so bad with Gloria Arroyo's arrogance and her Marie Antoinette ways, now we have the opposite but still undesirable for their uncouth unrefined behavior.

If Manny villar thinks he can win this election exploiting his mother’s old age appeal and showing his sisters anger management problem to the viewing public then he is dead wrong. Whoever is the genius responsible for this cheap trick ought to be fired, but then again if that was the handiwork of a cheap operator which I suspect it is, then they got what they paid for, lol.

So what happens if by any stroke of miracle no, not of the biblical proportion but of the Comelec kind that heaven forbid Manny Villar wins the presidency? Will the "future" president ran to his mother and the four Marias for help and tell on us for our equal opportunity trapo bashing? What if there is an international dispute like lets say the US of A, are we going to see Nanay Curing crying asking why Barack Obama does not believe him? How about the sisters, will they attack the American media and treat it as a personal affront why they only show their bother errr brother in passing?

Now, I can't blame those who says that they can't trust a presidential wannabe who hides under the skirt of their mother and sisters...... but then again that is the typical nature of weasels that has a tendency to do just that instead of facing the issues head on. If its any consolation to the handlers of Villar that tearjerker episode makes some people cry, no not in sympathy but crying at how they exploited the old woman for the sake of a desperate presidential aspirant. What is even sad is that people like my FaceBook friend Anne de Brux of Manila Baywatch is reminded and likened the episode to the disgusting tele-novela of Freddie Aguilar's sister lying for his road rage killer suspect son Jason Ivler.......

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