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A Rebuttal to the question why Governor Panlilio has not stopped jueteng in Pampanga

Why Governor Panlilio is unable to stop jueteng in Pampanga is obvious to anyone who has an unbiased mind.

PGMA, with all her wolves in the Pampanga provincial and city and barrangay legislative and military administration, have tied down the hands of Governor Panlilio, voting down all his good plans for the people of Pampanga, undermining him every step of the way. They have tried a recount, a recall...and my even be planning for the third "R"...requiem.

How do you expect anyone to push thru his good plans, like stopping jueteng and corruption in Pampanga?

Given full support of the national administration and the military, the NBI, and the police, even you or I can stop jueteng, etc., in any town in the country.

The real question is NOT why Gov. Panlilio is unable to stop jueteng in Pampanga.

The proper and more fundamental question is, why is PGMA, with all her powers and wherewithall, with all congressional, judicial and military support, unable to stop jueteng and graft and corruption in the entire country? WHY?

Gov. Panlilio is the only presidentiable I know who is not corrupt and incorruptible....and who is openly fighting corruption, risking his saftey and his life in courageously doing so, without mincing any word.

And when elected president, he can form his cabinet and departmental heads with experts in the various fields of government, since no one is an expert in every field, not even PGMA.

Obama did just that, knowing his expertise was limited. And Obama was not even a CEO nor a Governor. Gov. Panlilio is.

There is no such thing as a perfect candidate at this time. Look at what trapo finance expert Gloria Arroyo has done to our country.

As a heart surgeon, this is how I look at the situation, in answer to those looking for a perfect candidate.

For cancer, we need a cancer expert, even if he knows only a little about diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis. The other specialists can be add to our list of attending physicians and join in the overall treatment plan. There is no such thing as an all-kowing physician.

For a nation afflicted with massive cancer of corruption, we need someone already waging a war against corruption and who is incoprruptible. Not the talker who talks, like all the other presidentiables, but the talker who walks the talk, like Governor Panlilio.

Is there anyone today who is openly fighting Gloria Arroyo, non-stop, showing proofs to the public how corrupt she is? NONE...No one....

Nobody is openly and directly fighting Arroyo, with straight talks, withotu mincing words...

Only Governor Panlilio has been doing that... and, he even promised to prosecute Arroyo when he is elected president...just to show the people how serious he is against graft and corruption. The other presidentiables do not even have the balls to make that promise.

Now, tell me, who has the guts, wisdom, sense of justice, and love of country, who is NOW doing that. Only Governor Panlilio is doing that.

In this crucial time in our history, the primary criterion we need for president of our corrupt government for the 2010 elections is an executive who has no history of corruption, NOT corrupt, and is incorruptible.

And Gov. Panlilio certainly satisfies that cirterion... more than anyone else, for good governance and ethical leadership in this very critical juncture in the history of the Philippines.

Let us be smart and be wise. With a God-fearing man at the top of our government, a leader who is a proven honest, accountable, transparent, leader, our nation will be led with dignity, integrity, honor and pride. We can then look at the whole world without shame, with head up high. Of course, it will take time for him to clean our government of corruption and erradicate poverty.

But with your help, with the people's support, our common dream of a nation with honor, dignity and social justice for all, including our brothers and sisters in Mindanao, will come. Let's do this in 2010.

And unlike in 2004, let us show the world we are not dumb and stupid, by repeating the same mistake of having more thanone opposition candidate for president and splitting the votes.

Let us have only one opposition slate of candidates and support that one...and not split the votes. If we have more than one opposition presidential candidate, we might just as well throw in the towel, because if we are not united, we are guaranteed to lose... and be labelled as dumb and stupid. And we shall then deserve the continuing corruption, plunder and rape of our nation and our people.

Let's think out of the box this time and be smart, and save our nation and our people. 2010 presents a great opportunity for the miracle we are all dreaming about for our nation and for our people. The movement for good governance is growing around the world where Filipinos are. Let us seize the moment, and show the world we are intelligent and wise people.

First, let's have a decent and incorruptible president at the top. Then, the rest of our vision and dreams, and the GREAT CHANGE...will come true.

Our destiny and our future are in our hands, and within our reach....so long as we are smart and wise...

Let us wake up the powerful sleeping giant in us and make our rightful appointment with destiny.

*Philip S. Chua, MD, FACS, FPCS, Cardiac Surgeon Emeritus in Northwest Indiana, USA, trained at the Texas Heart Institute in Houston, is Chairman of Filipino United Network (FUN-USA), Vice Chairman of Filipino American Leadership Council (FALCONadvocacy) and Vice President for Far East of Cardiovascular Hospitals of America, Wichita, Kansas. He is a columnist for five newspapers and one magazine in the United States and five newspapers and one magazine in the Philippines.

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