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Hayden Kho & his sex video scandal apology

Amazing how people like Hayden Kho has the gall of a typical Filipino politician blaming the world for their sins and yet has the temerity to portray themselves as the victim when they are clearly the victimizer.

I was floored upon seeing this statement below at TV Patrol in his crocodile tear apology that only shows his unwillingness to take responsibility for his perversion:

“People should learn to condemn the sin not the sinner.”
Ok, so what does that mean exactly? Condemn the act and excuse the perpetrator of the sin as he himself claims to have been victimized by those who stole and distributed his prized videotaped trophy sexual exploits with Katrina Halili and other young women?

The guy must have been spending too much time and getting spoiled and pampered by his former lover old enough to be his mother thus this idiotic response of trying to weasel himself out of accountability and responsibility. Well, this is the real world fool where you will have to deal with legal authorities and not a mother figure that probably will let you get away with your sleazy sexual exploits.

This is a professional a medical professional to be exact and I wonder why the Philippine Medical Association just like the incompetent Ombudsman has to wait for one of the victims to come up with an affidavit when all they need to do is prove that he was the one on the video. Enough evidence to prove that one of their members committed an immoral act not worthy to be in the profession unless we are talking of the oldest profession which is clearly not what they are. I say kick him out and take away his license because who wants to get examined butt naked by a doctor who maybe a horny voyeur?

For one the insanity plea speculation will not fly and I have to give credit to my “favorite” Lady Senator Mirriam Santiago in stressing the fact that one has to be devoid of reality as in it takes one to know one oooops no I meant she presented a clear cut explanation on what it takes to be insane. On the other hand even Lorna Kapunan the lawyer of pirated sex videotape star hayden Kho clearly states that her client will not hide behind the skirt of Vicky Belo errrr mental disorder or drugs thus there is no point why the madaya (cheater) errrr media kept on pounding the issue when it will not be raised. She further stated that Kho is willing to face the legal consequence while at the same time she stressed the need to also hold those who illegally copied and distributed the sex video to be held accountable. That is just fair and I think so too, all those responsible should be held accountable and let them suffer the consequence of their illegal acts.

Senator Bong Revilla should also stop his grandstanding and come up with legislation already to address the perversion for the sake of the women victimized by sexual predators and others who are at risk.

Hmmmmmmnn, so will we see Hayden Kho sentenced to a jail term, if so he should hope that prison authorities don’t bunk him with the toughest horny convict around. If that happens he should make sure he brings with him enough Preparation H and make sure that he is not getting videotaped too while in the company of sex starved inmates out to crown him their princess.

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