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The Pride of Ciara Sotto, Sonny Angara & RA10175 in connection with The Code of Omerta

One of Benigno Aquino III’s campaign promise was the passage of the Freedom of Information (FOI) or something similar to that effect but as soon as he won it seems that it fell down the cracks errr on the bottom low of the president’s priority just like Jueteng . But then again does he have his priorities in order or what?

When he was pressed to honor his commitment on FOI Aquino says WE (yes WE instead of them) are not ready yet for FOI and things need to be in place for that to happen. The problem was instead of giving us FOI in the interest of transparency which this president proudly dangle to highlight what separates him from the run of the mill trapos he gave us instead RA10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012.

Perhaps one can argue that it was Tito Sotto who inserted the e-libel provision (which remains criminalized that has been gathering dust for the longest time in the house of congress supposedly in line for amendment for downgrade down to a civil offense instead of criminal offense) but he could have vetoed it and urge the legislative branch to remove the unconstitutional provision on libel that is a degree higher in criminal imprisonment penalty.

Why the 180 degree turnaround, was it because they need to pass RA10175 first to "control" or "manage" the flow of "sensitive" information that WE the people are not prepared to take? Are our politicians bound by the code of Omerta that it appears that they are willing to look like a dumb fool in cyberspace at that is nut errr not even funny anymore?

Now whoever is giving our senators especially Angara lessons on the complexities of the internet, reach, and the social media are doing our steamed errr esteemed senator and the people he represents a disservice. It was excruciatingly painful to read his views and rationale on the passage of the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 especially the Sottomized the E-Libel provision that makes him look like a trying hard relic of the past desperately disguising as digital savvy nerd, LOL.

I am sorry but if one click is all it takes to send your message libelous or not to the world is a fantasy that is not even worthy of being written as a fiction novel. Let me share what I wrote in the comments section of the “one click” article:

Ignorance indeed is bliss, hehehe. One click sends it to your page in social media but not necessarily the world because of the following:

1. Your reach is limited to your circle and number of connections (friends, contacts, etc) and the setting of your page should be public all the way.

2. The right terminology is not one click sends your post to the world but one click makes it accessible to the world if you set it right as in public all the way, hehehe.

3. You have to be Bill Gates or Zuckerman for the Angara phrase of one click to apply since their followers are worldwide and by the millions.

4. One click does not send it to the world for any Pedro or Maria or even an Angara, LOL.

When you find yourself in the hole the rule is to snap out of it so you can simply step out of it rather than digging deeper till you are stuck, LOL. Criminalized libel is antiquated and unacceptable in civilized societies so please stop embarrassing your countrymen. 10% of whom are outside the Philippines that serves as a reminder to other nations how backward is the Philippines and with one click sends to the world their ignorance of penalizing civil "offenders" a degree higher on criminality rather than civil penalties of fines and sanctions.

If one click is all it takes to send your message across worldwide I am sure SEO gurus would like to know and learn the secrets of the trade from our steamed errr esteemed senator Angara. I hope Senator Edgardo Angara is aware that it is the elusive one click that the monetized bloggers are searching desperately like the legendary Juan Ponce de Leon’s quest for the fountain of youth.

The problem it appears may come from the culture of kissing peoples’ behind that overbearing staffs and researchers of the you get what you paid for kind are feeding these legislators with bad information. Just like a computer our legislators will also succumb to the garbage in garbage out principle.

When we are the one who will suffer the consequence of their follies Mr. Angara if he really cares understood the repercussions should not persuade us to give the law a chance. Say what now? Give the law a chance as in wait for the overcrowded jails to fill to the brim and further worsen the court backlogs with petty e-libel complaints just so you people can see the folly of your unconstitutional RA10175? I wonder if this is what makes Senator Angara’s son and namesake Sonny Angara proudly states was what makes them stand out among political dynasties because of their proud legacy. Well that does not surprise people anymore since Senator Angara goes a long way back to the days of the frozen stiff one whose legacy haunts us like a recurring nightmare to this day.

And then there is Ciara Sotto who no matter how her dad shamelessly plagiarizes mere bloggers or what most people says about her dad Senator Tito Sotto, she still sees him as a highly “principled” man. Yeah right, if Sotto is a highly principled guy I am the Prince of Wales and that lucky guy with Lady Kate in England is just an impostor, LOL. Of course any daughter will see things subjectively because of the emotional attachment but it has its limits when it becomes so obvious or the child was molded in a numbing environment that affects their mores or what is right and wrong. Ciara Sotto calls her dad’s detractors haters and she herself has earned some followers that are not exactly fans but those waiting for her meltdown as she seems to be headed in that direction with her arrogance, to quote:

Herself having become the target of criticisms for coming to the defense of her father, Ciara said she is now used to coming across "haters" on the Internet.

"Nasanay narin naman ako na ganyan, kasi (I got used to it because) you really can't please anybody and I accept that," she said.

"I won't stop just to please them. And I wont stop naman para mainis sila (so I can annoy them). I'll just say what I feel, and I know naman the truth, and it doesn't really bother me anymore," she added.

Fantastic, I wonder how she would feel if she realized she was wrong all along. Unfortunately she is high on that Trapo pedestal that it will take a miracle of biblical proportion for her to see what is morally right and just. One who never knew what is fair and just will of course not appreciate how it feels to be robbed and of intellectual property at that is probably something they will never grasp.

No to Cybercrime Law: Jabarah Fox
Convict Shirt graphic courtesy of: A.a. Almonte, BMPM Staff

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