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Migz Zubiri, Advocate for a Clean Election

Onli in da Philippines

In normal decent societies when one cheats especially if that person is an elected public servant they disappear out sight with their head bowed in shame. In Japan hara kiri (suicide) is resorted to when one’s integrity and honor has been tainted and shamed.  In the Philippines ruled and dominated by the Trapos under a patronage and personality driven politics cheating seems to be the norm.  Honest, clean, and transparent election is unheard of and definitely an exception to the rule, lol.  Case in point is the shameless Migz Zubiri who stole 3 years of Koko Pimentel’s senate seat resigning only when the SET (Senate Electoral Tribunal) was about to rule in favor of Pimentel. Normally that would have been the end of it and the cheaters career as a politician but who says honesty is a virtue so important with Philippine traditional politicians or Trapos?

Where in the world will you find an electoral cheat advocating for clean and honest election? Yes, onli in da Philippines where instead of disappearing out of the public sight, Philippine politicians of the Zubiri kind resurrects like a zombie that refused to die even though it is already dead.  Worst not only did he not disappear, he even had the dense temerity to once again run for the senate seat which he claims was to give him the opportunity for a clean slate. Of course in the Philippines one can hoodwink or openly scam the public with outrageous lies and they don’t even worry about the repercussions because the Filipino electorate seems to be clueless and had no way or means to hold their erring elected public servants accountable.

The Philippine authorities are hell bent on intimidating its citizens to follow the law and any simple infraction will be dealt with accordingly, that is as far as mortal citizens are concerned. Failure to vote is enough to have your name deactivated in the voters list and yet a politician caught cheating are ignored and no sanction of whatever kind is imposed on them. You would think that failure to vote is a very minor infraction compared to cheating which is criminal that should be punishable by imprisonment and forever banned from running for elective position. And yet here they are acting as if they were heaven sent leading us to righteousness. Funny how Jess Diaz of Philippine Star tries to peddle blatant lies as if Zubiri’s cheating did not happen and Pimentel’s accusation was merely an allegation. It makes one wonder how he appears clueless when he was citing the case brought to the Senate Electoral Tribunal, is it a case of ATM induced reading comprehension or something else?

Zubiri as a clean election advocate is a hard sell to say the least but of all people Diaz chose to quote Marcos martial law enforcer and historical revisionist Enrile, to bolster his argument, which I quote:
“Never had I thought that I would witness today a show of moral courage…Many people in this life possess physical courage, but rarely did I see a man stand up to what he believes in.”

What exactly did Zubiri believe in if I may ask? LOL. One who got caught with his pants down resigned early enough to preempt the forthcoming SET decision is not exactly courageous but a weasel act to avoid further embarrassment and officially declared a cheater is supposed to be standing up for his beliefs? Onli in da Philippines where a cheater successfully dodging a decision that will forever stick a cheater label on him is considered morally courageous, but then again that is coming from Enrile and that is to be expected, hehehe.

Magkano ba este what persuades a journalist to peddle obvious lies is something that escapes me, but this is the Philippines where journalist are accused of writing ATM inspired articles. Not a surprise when the candidates in the Mafia syndicates err political alliance of UNA and aNoynoying Team are composed of political dynasties and characters not exactly a good role model for integrity.

Of course we can’t expect articles from ATM errr journalist that delve on what decent societies consider as morally upright when the contending political parties like UNA has a convicted plunderer, election cheater, a renegade military repeat mutineer, and supported by a convicted pedophile. It does not help that the administration alliance had people that are no better than UNA but just the same are not exactly believers of their narrow straight path of righteousness but chosen for their ability to win and able to carry the party to victory in their local turf.

This election is really turning to be a big joke but it seems the joke is on us thus no one is really laughing but the trapos all the way to the bank……….
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