"In societies where Robbing Hoods are treated like a celebrity it is but natural to expect political parties to act like a Mafia syndicate" Political Jaywalker "In a nation where corruption is endemic people tend to confuse due process with aiding and abetting criminals" Political Jaywalker "War doesn't determine who is right, war determines who is left" Bertrand Russell "You have just one flash flood of money, you keep your people poor. It's like a time bomb and it's scary" Philippine Lawmaker

Grace Padaca

It is ironic that under the administration of President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino who won on the platform of anti-corruption and good governance, one of the pillars and strong advocate for good governance is on the verge on being thrown to jail. Now how can something like this happen or why is this happening truly makes the Philippines one bizarre place turning into a fraud republic.

I don't think the charges against former Isabela Governor Grace Padaca will fly, but no one is under the impression that being an advocate for good governance in a society where the culture of corruption is endemic will be a walk in the park.  Of course there will be remnants of the past corrupt administration whose purpose in life is to preserve the past corrupted practice in order to protect their vested interest.

How can we allow such travesty from happening in an administration that promise to lead us to the narrow straight path of good governance?

Official Kaya Natin! Statement of Support to former Isabela Gov. Grace Padaca

Official Kaya Natin! Statement of Support to former Isabela Gov. Grace Padaca

We, the champions of Kaya Natin! Movement for Good Governance and Ethical Leadership are deeply saddened by the recent turn of events confronting our co-founder, former Isabela Governor Grace Padaca.

With firm conviction, we continue to believe in the untarnished integrity and commitment to genuine public service of former Gov. Padaca and we continue to stand by her in these trying times.

The accusations and cases filed leveled against her are unfounded, and are clearly being used by her political enemies to derail her efforts in delivering better and more responsive public service to her constituents, particularly the farmers who have benefitted from her loan assistance program. Since the program was stopped, many Isabelino farmers are once again enslaved by heavy debt and mired in poverty, what with the high interest rates of private lenders in the province.

As a real Champion of transparency as well as ethical, effective and empowering leadership, former Gov. Padaca ensured that all actions relating to the Hybrid Rice Project were above board – seeking authorization of the Provincial Board and consulting with stakeholders before entering into an agreement with the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) which provided the necessary funds for the program.

We strongly appeal to the Sandiganbayan to dismiss the case filed against the good Governor. We are confident that in the review of the records of the case, you will see why even the reviewing prosecutor who studied and evaluated the case in-depth recommended that it be dismissed for lack of probable cause. What was once the envy of many farmers throughout the country, Isabela’s Rice Project, has been maligned and turned into political propaganda by those that seek to stand in the way of change and progress, forgetting that in so doing, it is our farmers that suffer. Many farmers benefitted from this ingenious and noble project which had for its aim nothing more than to give a better quality of life to those who labor and toil away tirelessly in our fields. The Isabela Rice Project under the auspices of former Gov. Padaca can be counted among the successful programs that truly wanted to give our farmers a better source of living. By condemning projects like this and those who pursued their ends, we condemn our farmers to the life of hardship they know all too well.

What happened to former Gov. Padaca is another case of injustice in our country where the corrupt use all their power and influence to ensure that effective, ethical and empowering leaders are discouraged from practicing good governance and becoming more proactive in helping uplift the lives of every Filipino.

We appeal to the Filipino people to continue to support the likes of former Gov. Padaca who have continued to place the interest of the poor and powerless above their own.

We hope that this will serve as a challenge to all of us to become more proactive in supporting good Filipino leaders and to do our share to ensure a better Philippines.

  • Jesse Robredo, Secretary, Department of the Interior and Local Government
  • Eddie Panlilio, former Governor, Pampanga
  • Sonia Lorenzo, Executive Director, Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines
  • Jorge "Bolet" Banal, Jr., Representative, Quezon City
  • Teddy Baguilat, Jr., Representative, Ifugao
  • Kaka Bag-ao, Representative, AKBAYAN
  • Neric Acosta, Presidential Adviser for Environment Protection
  • Jeng Reyes, Mayor, Alicia, Isabela
  • Roque Verzosa, Jr., Mayor, Tagudin, Ilocos Sur
  • Florante Gerdan, President, Poro Point Development Authority
  • Shirlyn Macasarte, Board Member, North Cotabato
  • Marivic Belena, Mayor, San Jose City, Nueva Ecija
  • Gloria Congco, Mayor, Cabiao, Nueva Ecija
  • Fermin Mabulo, Provincial Administrator, Camarines Sur
  • Janjan Disomimba, former Mayor, Tamparan, Lanao del Sur
  • April Dayap, Councilor, Davao City
  • Aura Landar, Councilor, Passi City, Ilo-Ilo
  • Mabel Sunga Acosta, former Councilor, Davao City
  • Francis Tinio, former Councilor, Binalonan, Pangasinan

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