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Renato Corona vs. Jose Basa III

Where I come from it is not kosher to malign one who is already deceased since they are not capable of defending themselves. Of course one who has no sense of propriety in the first place cannot be expected to act like a gentleman. Below is part of cry baby errrr impeached CJ Renato Corona's testimony in his impeachment trial assailing the late Jose Basa III a blood relative of Cristina Corona and uncle to Carla with a golden voice errrr the winning bidder to the auctioned BGEI stocks owned by the deceased Jose Basa III for a mere P28K.

The press conference of the family of Jose Basa.

Funny how Corona in all malice taunts the Basa family picturing them as fugitives unwilling to face the legal accountability of their "libel conviction," and yet illegally garnishing a dead man's family corporate stocks. Considering that Corona is the chief justice he ought to know better that death extinguishes the conviction and therefore the garnishment is highly illegal.

The Basa family are in the dark to this day never saw an accounting on the proceeds of the property income, it was only through the impeachment court that they are now slowly beginning to learn what has happened.

This is definitely a very ugly family fight and if the man who occupies the highest judiciary seat in the land adds instead of resolve the quarrel, it will only show the kind of justice we can expect.

On another note Manila Satandard as usual publishes an obviously biased pro-corrupt este Corona garbage worthy not even to wipe someone’s behind in their call of nature. MAGKANO BA este why in the name of diversionary tactics will Corona resort to such cheap trick intended for the partisan gullible in the impeachment court who as a lawyer ought to know better?

As a lawyer and a chief justice at that, one should live and act accordingly befitting his title if he really deserves to be called "honorable." Where is honor in accusing people with charges in an open court without a shred of evidence and without filling charges brought against them so they can answer his accusations in the proper forum? Was it because Lolo Cuevas is telling the truth that he is mentally unfit thus he acts with impropriety (not that he is known to act like one, hehehe) unbecoming of an officer of the court and the head honcho at that.

I say go to the Ombudsman, I am sure Justice Morales will obliged him if he has the goods to indict those who signed his impeachment including Sen. Drillon. One can't just turn his accuser as the accused without going through the required due process which he has demanded and expected that it is has to be observed in the strictest sense in his case. So what gives, why is he not giving those representatives the due process that everyone deserves?

The scene during the break at the impeachment trial of Renato Corona is a welcome sight that tugs at the heart. The Basas on a 30 year long family feud suddenly found themselves reconciling and finally realized that they are blood relatives who should act civilly with each other.

Indeed the Basa's showed more class than the thug cry baby Renato Corona. One does not have to be adversary to resolve conflicting interest, after all blood is thicker than water. Its only money so they say and it can be earned especially if one is a whiz kid like Corona who started currency trading as a boy, hehehe.

The Basa's who was maligned, abused, and oppressed by the Corona's showed civility and while there are still issues to be resolved it will be easier if it is done in all civility.

This is a side issue and must not affect whatsoever the senate verdict as their long standing family feud has nothing to do with the impeachment case.

Normally that would have been a happy ending except there is never a happy ending when you deal with congenital liars. According to Raissa Robles in her blog titled "Mukhang nauto yata tayo" - Cecilia Basa, the tear jerker we witnessed was nothing but a calculated move to gain the sympathy of the senator-judges and the public.

In an explosive exclusive report by Raissa it appears that Cristina Corona approached her cousins and aunt as a gesture of reconciliation to which people with breeding will  as expected respond in a civil manner. This is exactly where the cultural divide between the Corona's and the Basas becomes very obvious. Bad people especially the greedy ones will almost always misread nice people as a sign of weakness instead of looking at them as upright social individuals. If said report is accurate wherein Cristina Corona was reported to have "forgiven" her relatives, (say what now? She forgave them?) and never did she say sorry, offered her phone or invited them for future get together. Now that's one sick pathetic delusional individual and her family who sees nothing wrong with tomb raiding unable to discern what is right from wrong. Do we even wonder why the thief errr midnight chief justice even has the gall to look at himself as a martyr fighting till the end in a cause or was it cost that only delusional or Mafiosi individuals will understand?

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