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Renato Corona Guilty!

With the exception of 3 senator judges namely Miriam Santiago, Bongbong Marcos, and Joker Arroyo, 20 senator judges rendered guilty verdict on article II of the impeachment complaint filed against Renato Corona.

A guilty verdict has definitely raised the bar on transparency where politicians will now be forced to declare diligently and truthfully their SALN which Chiz Escudero eruditely mentioned in his guilty verdict decision. The members of the senate rendering a guilty verdict are the following:
  • Edgardo Angara, LDP
  • Alan Peter Cayetano, Nacionalista
  • Pia Cayetano, Nacionalista
  • Franklin Drillon, Nacionalista
  • Francis Escudero, Independent
  • Jinggoy Estrada, PMP
  • Teofisto Guingona III, Liberal
  • Gregorio Honasan, Independent
  • Panfilo Lacson, Independent
  • Lito Lapid, Lakas-Kampi
  • Loren Legarda, NPC
  • Sergio Osmeña III, PDP-Laban
  • Francis Pangilinan, Liberal
  • Aquilino Pimentel III, PDP-Laban
  • Ralph Recto, Liberal
  • Bong Revilla, Lakas-Kampi
  • Tito Sotto, NPC
  • Antonio Trillanes IV, Independent
  • Manny Villar, Nacionalista
  • Juan Ponce Enrile, PMP
Will the Corona camp bring this to the supreme court when only the senate has jurisdiction over impeachment trials and no other agency or court, but then again anything can happen in the Philippine political arena.

The days spectacle as usual came from the frothing in the mouth errr hysterical Miriam Santiago with her standard tantrum deliberation berating once again the prosecution and her colleagues who she says has a holier than thou attitude. Was that an unwitting admission that she is surrounded by corrupt colleagues and that she alone is not and the only superwoman who can tackle corruption?

Funny that she wished to get struck right there and then and at the same time asking for 2 lives to have the time to investigate all the anomalies. I just don't know if those who were witnessing her antics are wishing she gets struck by lightning but it sure was a spectacle to watch and only a Brenda errr Miriam Santiago can deliver something like that flawlessly, LOL.

 Brenda's tirade was so annoying which makes me wonder if she was instrumental in some of the senators that I did not expect to render a guilty verdict. Now how wild is that? I believe some just got so insulted by being branded as holier than thou that instead of attracting fools for acquittal on her side pissed them off so bad and got insulted to the point of going opposite her acquittal to guilty, hehehe.

Another surprise was Joker Arroyo, a former human rights lawyer who used to be in the forefront of the struggle defending human rights victims fearlessly during the dark days of martial law. His not guilty verdict was actually expected but what is surprising is when he compared or made reference of the impeachment trial back to 1972. Since when did culpable violation of the constitution become similar to the dark days of martial law? Poor Joker he seems to be sinking while Juan Ponce Enrile his former adversary and former Marcos martial law enforcer is shining in an apparent reversal of roles quite diametrically opposed to their former position or where they started. But that is the nature of the beast in a patronage and personality based political system where the absurd and unexpected seems to flow naturally.

If everything goes smoothly we may see Gloria Arroyo and her cohorts conviction too in the criminal cases filed against them. One thing is sure there will be a lot of people who will be happy to see that we are indeed taking the path towards good governance. Of course even the paid supporters of the past administration will be happy since they will be deriving income out of this by being Arroyos paid attack dogs. What is even more pathetic are those who until can't accept defeat in the past presidential election and will continue belly aching even to the point of being seen as supporters of the past corrupt regime.

Neal Cruz in an article titled Corona's own Yamashita treasure stated that the senators who will vote for acquittal including Joker Arroyo and Miriam Santiago are either blid, deaf, gullible or stupid.

Well, Joker is aging and probably going deaf and blind, and certainly going the gullible and and the stupid route, hehehe.

As for Miriam, please don't add insult to the deaf and blind people by associating their physical disability on how Miriam "Brenda" Santiago's decides where her vote goes. Miriam is definitely losing it so her decision may not have anything to do with being deaf, blind, and gullible but borderline stupidity may be an option except insane people are not exactly stupid, LOL.

We now know that both voted for acquittal and there is no point insulting the deaf and blind community, hehehe. They surely deserved to be with Bongbong Marcos who of course being the former dictators' son is just like Corona who can't tell what is legal or not, and can't tell if money laundering is a legal or illegal act, LOL.

Some people will probably not see the significance of this historic impeachment trial, a first in the history of the Philippines. Unlike the Estrada impeachment marred by walkout, no not by the accused like what Corona did but the minority that ended the trial without finishing it. For once lying took a beating, but with Corona's deluded or rather twisted interpretation of non-disclosure of dollar bank account because he did not want to commit illegal act did him in. Had the rest of the senators believed or took his lie hook line and sinker like the 3 stooges errr those who decided for acquittal, it would have set a precedence in actually legitimizing money laundering in the land of Palusot Republic.

The guilty verdict outcome is a testament that the people can't take hoodlums in robe making a mockery of not just the laws of the land but the very essence of a just, decent, and fair society. This should signal the advent of a new culture where wheelchair and feigned illnesses must not and never will be a factor in how a case is decided. I see a promising future and let not those who makes a killing on the corrupt environment thwart our destiny of building a better future for the next generation and others to come.......

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