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Coronavela ends with a spike in Waiver Drama

The drama highlighted by the three dissenters for all the wrong reason earning them the MAD (Marcos, Arroyo, Defensor-Santiago) cow disease award, ok seriously their take was out of this world. In Neal Cruz Column As I See It he says that one has to be deaf, blind, gullible, and stupid for any of the senators to acquit Corona. Well, Joker is aging and probably going deaf and blind, and certainly going the gullible and the stupid route, hehehe.

As for Miriam, please don't add insult to the deaf and blind people by associating their physical disability on how Miriam "Brenda" Santiago's decides where her vote goes. Miriam is definitely losing it so her decision may not have anything to do with being deaf, blind, and gullible but borderline stupidity may be an option except insane people are not exactly stupid, LOL.

We now know that both voted for acquittal and there is no point insulting the deaf and blind community, hehehe. They surely deserved to be with Bongbong Marcos who of course being the former dictators' son is just like Corona who can't tell what is legal or not, and can't tell if money laundering is a legal or illegal act, LOL.

On another front looks like the justices finally landed back to earth after their dense midnight appointee took them on a shameless roller coaster ride disguised as a courageous fight for martyrdom to assert the unassailable independence of the third Reich errr division of government. What a show it was a show that never lacks in the characters braggadocio that is farcical at best and yet people kept at it even those not keen on watching dumb telenovelas.

Slowly decency seems to be on a comeback but for the justice to be on the right track they must fire the gay errr guy named Midas Marquez whose loyalty was with Corona and not the institution. Better yet they should abolish their tattle tale department or PIO (Public Information Office daw), after all it is the job of the lawyers to explain their decision to their clients. Besides what is there to explain if the decision as we all know came from those imbued with wisdom whose decision are based on merits and correct interpretation of the law and constitution. Or are they telling us that they are a bunch of flip flopping old farts who can’t decide what is their decision (PALEA Case) that a propagandist errr spokesman need to elaborate and explain those decisions that they are the only ones who seem to understand?

Surprisingly the Coronavela was a top rated show and as expected we have a cacophony of wannabe actors scrambling to get in front of the cameras. It seems that even with the final season episode over signifying the end of the Coronavela drama unless Corona decides to take this drama to his former turf the Supreme Court, then it might make a major comeback. But unlike the impeachment court the Supreme Court is not known or will allow their proceeding to be aired. The problem is who among Corona’s lawyers who are crazy enough to bring the case to the SC knowing it will create a constitutional crisis and they are the ones that instigated it. Enrile already stated they will defy the SC if ever it happens for the simple reason that it is beyond the SC’s jurisdiction.

The conviction is final and whether Ranato Corona and his family likes it or not it is done and over with. He better stop the hospital confinement and wheelchair drama. It is best that he start packing up and look for a job in the private sector. As much as we hate to see Renato Corona go complete with a very dramatic shedding of tears that makes spoiled brat crybabies look so adorable, he has reach the end of the line. I don’t know if people can say they enjoyed his performance especially when he can’t get his facts straight babbling wrong facts and figures that are not even funny anymore that if true will make him an 11 year old or even younger currency trader whiz kid. He even tried to fool the senator judges that he is dumb and stupid when it comes to basic accounting principles of debit and credit, a tax lawyer who used to head one of SGV’s corporate tax department. 

Arrogance really makes one dumb and stupid when one is so used to misdeeds and getting away with it or getting caught and not held responsible or accountable with even a slap on the wrist. Under said circumstance most criminals in high places will naturally get this nasty feeling of entitlement. Then it is followed by delusions thinking they are so beyond everyone else that their disdain for the public truly shows when they come up with a shallow stance thinking the public is that gullible.

Will the signing of the waiver become the new trend among public officials elected and appointed in order to enable the Sandiganbayan to look into their bank accounts? So far 4 justices seem to follow the trend of signing waivers but while the gesture appears genuine the point is to declare illegal or strike down the antiquated irrelevant absolute secrecy on dollar deposits. Bah, humbug! Did they forget or are they suffering from dementia este amnesia or was it Alzheimer? The absolute secrecy on dollar bank account is a legacy from former number no. 1 thief of them all the frozen stiff dictator Marcos. The law was intended to “attract foreign investors" to deposit their much needed foreign currency into our banking system to balance the dollar deficit at the time. Today is 2012 wherein 10% of the population are dollar earners that not only props up the sagging economy of the Philippines but offset our foreign currency deficiency. As a matter of fact we have a surplus of dollars now that we have recently been a lender, so why are these morons still trying to fool the people on the importance of antiquated absolute bank secrecy when it only helps money launderers.

As a final act of decency and to fish out their credibility out of the toilet bowl since they supported the CJ pretender and worse Gloria Arroyo with their nasty TROs they must all tender their irrevocable resignation effective immediately.

As if the drama on waiver is not ridiculous enough we have the PNP (Philippine National Police) spokesman saying signing a waiver is a personal choice for the police and then followed it up with they have to consider what their wife and kids has to say about it. Mga bugok talaga, it is never a personal choice to sign a waiver it is a matter of decency, integrity, and transparency.

The individuals' right to privacy is never an absolute, it ends when one is involved in illegal activity.

Why in the name of plundering corrupt public officials are the authorities so obsessed with abiding by a law that does not contribute anything towards a better society but only enables and encourage public officials to be corrupt and launder their ill-gotten wealth under cover of the bankrupt absolute secrecy law?

Hopefully this time around our leaders will be focused more on following thru with the gains it has achieved with Corona's conviction by holding him responsible and accountable for his misdeeds.

One of the positive and promising results of the conclusion of the impeachment trial is that our flawed culture on seeing the sick as pitiable and fragile seems to have been smashed to pieces. The flawed culture of awa that has been the tool of the scoundrels is not working anymore but in order to completely eradicate our misplaced sense of pity a resolute and determined push is needed to go after all the crooks in high places. It must not stop with Corona and Arroyo, there should be no sacred cows, all the corrupt must be brought to court, tried, and once proven guilty handed down sentences accordingly, we may see the dawn of a new beginning.

It appears that people from all sides whether pro or against the conviction are demanding that all politicians specifically the representatives all 189 of them to sign a waiver including Senator Frank Drillon. Ouch, looks like some if not most of them are in a bind and this is where Erap made a mistake in whining about being specifically targeted when there are others crooks too. This is where I see the brilliance or was it Corona's wise guy mentality of if I fall I will also bring down most of you down. Unfortunately for him and fortunately for the people an acquittal is more problematic and the decadence will probably reached a chaotic point beyond anyone’s control.

Do they really have a choice when Corona himself acted like one of the prosecution lawyers in a very poor performance taking the witness stand? It was apparent that those we expect to acquit voted to convict knowing there is a political price to pay but what they did not foresee was the clamor for them to sign unconditional waiver. Will most of them sign a waiver or pretend there was never a clamor while hoping that in time with the personality and patronage politics in place they can weather the storm? The question is how long can they delay or skirt the issue of signing the waiver and not get branded as a member of the exclusive "Honorable Palusot Society?"

There is something in that image that resembles some of our politicians attitude, the sign that say "Hoy huwag kang mag asal aso" (Hey, don't behave like a dog), very telling is it not? Some people know very well that they should not pee there or any wall for that matter and they still insist on doing so regardless of being seen like an animal with a dog manner. Oh well old habits as ugly as it is are difficult to change but I am sure it will come........

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