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Is Rep. Manny Pacquiao on the verge of TKO delivered by Aling Isidra Paglinawan?

Looks like our Pinoy pride and hero to those who worship him may have been given not just a black eye but a TKO and this is not even in the boxing ring.

Aling Isidra Paglinawan the elder sister of seven-time world champion in seven division who is probably poised to get into the hall of fame in the world of boxing may end up in the hall of shame, courtesy of Aling Isidra’s alleged operation of illegal numbers game called Masiao, better known as “last 2” illegal numbers game.
Well, he should have heeded our warning to stay out of politics way back before he lost to Darlene Custodio, this is clearly a WMD, no, not the kind that former US Pres. George Bush failed to find in Iraq but weapon of mass distraction. This is a very costly distraction that will distract him from boxing where he excels plunging into the unknown dirty territory of trapo politics.

As an elected public official he will now go under the microscopic scrutiny of the public with the unwelcome help and prodding of his well entrenched political dynasty opponent. They will of course not take it sitting down getting dislodged by of all people an outsider and a neophyte in an exclusive domain reserved for the elites and also those thinking elites, LOL.

I posted a link on the initial reports on Aling Isidra’s follies at Facebook and it seems most of the reactions are pointing to culpability are slowly getting validated as news of the raid in Aling Isidra’s house trickles in. As the police were conducting their raid at Aling Isidra’s house Manny Pacquiao shows up who was next door at his father’s house attending a party. His response during the raid at his sister’s house seems reasonable below:
Kung may kinalaman siya dito eh . . . kung may kasalanan siya, eh di parusahan. Ganoon naman ako, walang pinipili (If my sister was involved . . . if she was at fault, she should be punished. That’s me, I don’t take the side of anyone who is proved to have made a mistake).
Merit Salud thinks it’s not bad. Sounds like and if indeed he was sincere about letting the law take its due course unlike Tatang Pacquiao’s interview where he denied her daughters involvement in illegal numbers game operation. Tatang pacquiao’s is not exactly believable especially when he can’t explain the presence of bet collectors apprehended inside Aling isidra’s house and the seized gambling paraphernalia including P30K in cash.

Then it gets interesting when it turns out that one of the issues raised against Pacquiao was that his relatives are involved in Masiao operation. Looks like Louie Cheng our Feng Shui guru at our Facebook community was right when he raised the question of Gen. San. being a small town where nothing is a secret and that everyone knows all about this Masiao operation. So now the question that crops up is how can Pacquiao not know of this when the whole town seems to be aware of it? But then again he did not exactly say he is not aware of it, on the other hand that is a question that he will have to grapple with in the future.

For one his sister and the husband has no known stable source of income or stable job except probably dole outs coming from Manny. It has been known that Pacquiao is very generous, so did he knowingly gave her sister the capital to start illegal Masiao operation? Things really get iffy as the story unfolds. The jail sentence for this kind of offense is quite lengthy ranging from up to 6 years for allowing illegal numbers game operation in your house to 8 to 20 years for working or operating the illegal numbers game. So will Pacquiao let the rule of law prevail? What if he gets implicated as the capitalist since the funds most likely came from him? But that's another story the big question now is will he surrender his big sister who is now being hunted by the authorities?

Will this incident the beginning of the end for Pacquiao’s political career or will this make him a better politician? Only time will tell if he will learn from this or self-destruct courtesy of her sister out boxing world caliber boxers in seven world boxing divisions.

The bigger question here that is being asked by Leila Rispens-Noel is if there is a really a way to stop gambling since this has been with us for quite some time. Illegal gambling is definitely a magnet for corruption so legalizing gambling is probably the way to go. On the other hand there is also no assurance that it will be fraud or corruption free. Although it will depend largely on how it is regulated and the people tasked to monitor them will of course spell the difference in its success or failure.

Image courtesy of KOOlit

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