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Mikey Arroyo & Dennis Pineda, Jueteng Brotherhood in Party-List Backdoor Free Pass to Pork Barrel

This bastardization of Party-Llist System is really getting old, time and again we are witnessing how the trapos shamelessly and wantonly game the system at the expense of legitimate marginalized sectors of society being denied equal representation.
Mikey & Dennis Jueteng BrotherhoodNow the latest to join the scramble like hyenas is the Jueteng brotherhood of Mikey Arroyo and Dennis Pineda openly bastardizing even prostituting the Party-List System as the number 1 and 2 “nominees” of Ang Galing Pinoy a group claiming to represent security guards. The butcher errr retired General Jovito Palparan got through the backdoor of pork barrel claiming to represent the interest of security guards, now how many representatives do they really need or are they actually getting represented by those claiming to represent them?

Perhaps Comelec Chair Jose Melo is right in stating that there is no law that clearly defines what a marginalized sector is, but then again knowing the trapos and how people with criminal mindset game the system a clear cut definition really does not matter. One only has to read the provisions of the REPUBLIC ACT NO. 7941, specifically Sec. 6. Removal and/or Cancellation of Registration wherein first on the grounds of removal and cancellation was that of religious sex este sect and yet we see religious groups like El Salakay errr Shaddai, INK, etc. participating in the party list system.

So how can anak ng Jueteng errrr Dennis Pineda the godson of Gloria Arroyo and her son Mikey Arroyo be a nominee of a marginalized sector when they clearly have not been a security guard all their pampered life? A pampered life a washed with money legit or otherwise to even have a clue in representing the interest of a marginalized sector is a stretch.

I wonder what makes or what is it at the COMELEC that seem to dull people’s perspective once they get there? Is it the back door operators or the negative credibility that you see respectable persons make a fool of themselves when Melo comes up with outrageous justification on the need for the marginalized sector to be represented by “educated” outsiders? Here is what Melo stated in a report by Kristine L. Alave of Inquirer:
For example, here is a group of tricycle drivers. What if their nominee is a tricycle driver and he was not able to finish school. How can he represent the interest of tricycle drivers? They should have somebody who is educated to speak for them.
If that is the case should they not have disqualified Lito Lapid and Erap who are both dropouts? Ok, for the sake of argument let us ask what laws has “educated” Maria Lourdes Arroyo of the Kasangga Balut vendors kuno introduced in tongress? How well did she articulate their interest if ever she did? Maybe she should just bring with her a basket of balut during the session and peddle it to her kuligs este colleagues, so she can tout that as her achievements like her sister outlaw errr in law bragging about it.

Palparan who has successfully gotten through the backdoor of pork barrel seems to have done nothing for the welfare of the security guards, is now busy running for a senate seat that I suspect was just to be a pain in the neck of Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza. So is this an excuse or the door of opportunism errr opportunity just opened up for the Jueteng Brotherhood to take the slack out of the slacker?

I say give it up, the security guards really need a break. They are suffering and victims of exploitation working long hours earning measly subsistence income and the last thing they need now are jokers pretending to have their interest at heart. Why not just represent the "empowered" Cobraman and Cobrawomen Jueteng collectors, they have a tract record of fighting for their right to earn a living even though it is illegal... a perfect fit I should say. Lu Tong Mancau says that Pampanga being the Jueteng Capital of the Philippines and the Jueteng Brotherhood he believes really knows the "industry" very well should have no problem "articulating" their interest.

Why will people shamelessly make a fool of themselves openly bastardizing the Party-List System even though it is so obvious only validates the conspiracy theory of Gloria Arroyo unwilling to let go of political power and the immunity of the position that comes with it. Mong palatino in From Palace to Congress cites the reason for the validity of the peoples suspicion on Gloria Arroyo eying the house speakership enumerating the number of running dogs errr Gloria Arroyo's appointees running for a a seat in Congress. Together with her known allies in PALAKA and of course the Party-List backdoor entrants to pork barrel, prominent among them is the Jueteng Brotherhood we may see a new house speaker. Whoever wins in the presidential election will have a hell of a hard time implementing his agenda, of course a Villaroyo administration will be a walk in the park for Arroyo while the people once again drown in the muck of desperation and hopelessness.

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