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NPC’s Rex Gatchalian on Political Butterflys & Mafiosi Running Dog Loyalty

The Nationalist People’s Coalition spokesperson Rex Gatchalian redefines the meaning of political butterfly in a rambling errr lamentations reported by Lira Dalangin-Fernandez. This is the most outrageous we have seen so far but coming from a party that is a relic of the past in the dark days of Marcos Dictatorship it really comes as no surprise. Relics like NPC should have been swept in the dustbin of history so they can never haunt us like a recurring nightmare but in a patronage based political system we get stuck with them like a cancer sore that never heals.
Responding to LP director general Chito Gascon’s remark against Loren ‘Political Butterfly’ Legarda's humping errr jumping from one party top another, NPC’s Rex Gatchalian has this to say in a report by Inquirer’s Lira Dalangin-Fernandez:
“Let me stress that Gascon should not look that far when he is looking for a political butterfly. In fact, he can find it right in their own backyard at the LP. What can he say about LP vice presidential bet Senator Mar Roxas? Is he not a political butterfly?" said Valenzuela Representative and NPC spokesman Rex Gatchalian in a statement.

The congressman said that Roxas' entry into government was when he was appointed Trade Secretary of then President Joseph Estrada.

But Roxas was also one of the first to call for Estrada's resignation when the impeachment proceeding against him came.

The senator then joined the Arroyo administration again as Trade Secretary, but turned his back on Arroyo at the height of allegations of electoral fraud.

"Wasn’t that a classic case of political opportunism and butterfly-ism?” Gatchalian added, referring to Roxas.
Now wait a minute here, if we listen to Gatchalian (not that we really need to, because it makes my ear bleed so bad, lol), one who listens to the sentiments of the people makes one a political butterfly? I am not a fan of Mar Roxas but I am wondering if Gatchalian has lost his marbles in redefining or rather confusing the difference between political butterfly-ism and Mafiosi loyalty? People with convictions, no not the convicted felons who side with the people and not just distance himself makes one a truly principled leader. Unfortunately in the book of Gatchalian he calls it "opportunism." This is exactly why EDSA 1 despite what the romanticist are trying to sell to us that it was a great thing, it is a dismal failure that only brought us these so-called leaders who not only has a whacked twisted sense of values that they delude themselves into believing they epitomize righteousness. Now I can understand why we have running dogs running amok on the internet displaying the same twisted logic and misplaced values, it is a monkey see monkey do thing!

Okay, so based on Gatchalian’s "brilliant retort" one has to steadfastly stand by their president no matter or how seriously they violated the trust and mandate given to them by the people that elected them to office. Hmmmmn, now where is that logic… if we can even call it that coming from…. straight from Garci and Bedol’s behind? This makes me wonder how a spokesperson of a political party, a coalition at that to even have the nerve to display his running dog mindset’s take on political turncoats. The argument is reduced simply as a case of personal loyalty which has more resemblance to a running dog and criminal Mafiosi’s loyalty and obedience. Is it because our electoral exercise is nothing but a rigged con job courtesy of math wizard back-door operators therefore they are not accountable to the people but themselves and their personal allegiance to whoever is the Mafiosi Don of the day?

I guess Gatchalian knows whereof he speaks, he has an unflinching loyalty to a party that is a relic of the past and stuck with it like a fly in cow dung so go figure. When one listens and follows the sentiments of the people that is called a principled stand which to Gatchalian is political butterfly-ism but politicians are no dogs (or are they?) that remains loyal to their master no matter how evil they are. Look who's talking, really fit's Loren Legarda to a tee when she yaps about propriety and for Gatchalian to utter those same words reminds me of a village idiot or a juvenile brat mimicking every word he hears without fully grasping what it meant.

Now with that kind of people that has access to the corridors of power or god forbid land themselves in power, do we still wonder why we are the basket case of Asia? At the rate our basahans errrr traditional politicians better known as trapos are losing their marbles and moral compass along with it, even the poorest regions of Africa has a better chance on good governance and may soon overtake the Philippines and leave us wondering what is it we did to deserve all these……… Or is it what we did not do as in not going with the endemic corruption flow that impaired our ability to see reality for what it is?

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