"In societies where Robbing Hoods are treated like a celebrity it is but natural to expect political parties to act like a Mafia syndicate" Political Jaywalker "In a nation where corruption is endemic people tend to confuse due process with aiding and abetting criminals" Political Jaywalker "War doesn't determine who is right, war determines who is left" Bertrand Russell "You have just one flash flood of money, you keep your people poor. It's like a time bomb and it's scary" Philippine Lawmaker

Did Noynoy Aquino and the Liberal Party Hijacked the Spirit of EDSA I?

If religion is the opiate of the people according to Karl Marx, the Political Jaywalker says that Philippine election national or local is the cocaine of the people. A cheapo high I should say where people indulge in shallow highly partisan stupor not on party ideology or principles but on shallow bickering and personality.
Who has the right or should people or any sector for that matter have any right to use or exploit the symbolism and spirit that EDSA 1 represent in any political campaign?

If you ask Loren “The Political Butterfly no Delecadeza” Legarda who suddenly became the “voice” of the people, she has a lot to say about the Liberal Party's free-riding of the EDSA 1:
Let us not be misled by claims that People Power emanated from a few elite families. As the name aptly suggests, the credit belongs to the people. Candidates running for public office should not bastardize the true spirit of EDSA by free-riding on the commemoration of this most important episode in our history. What they are doing goes against the very meaning of EDSA which is genuine democracy, the participation of civil society, and the empowerment of the Filipino people.
Strong upright statement I should say coming from one who changes trapo loyalties as fast as she changes husband errrr dress surely makes one want to blurt out…. Look who’s talking! The nerve and hypocrisy is not even funny anymore or is it a lame attempt at humoring us? As if she is not ruining errr running with Mr. C-5 & Taga errrr Manny Villar accused by his kuligs este colleagues of impropriety if not for fraud using his position and influence wherein his Real Estate Development Company he owned benefited. I say there is no need to chide Noynoy Aquino and his panty mates ooops I meant party mates because that is their own lookout, will they swim or sink in it remains to be seen.

Stop romanticizing EDSA 1, while the phenomenon drove the Marcos conjugal dictatorship scampering out of the palace heading to Paoay errr Hawaii the succeeding political development was anti-climactic and a big failure. We have squandered whatever democratic gains that were achieved which is to be expected because it was purely the elites playing the game of musical chair. The masses of people all of a sudden seems to be the sovereign Supreme Being of the trapos and wannabe trapos to be stroked and cajoled when it truth and reality they were manipulated as mere pawns during the so-called EDSA 1 picnic errr revolution.

People seem to forget that what started it all was a botched mutiny plan of the Ramos-Enrile-Honasan faction discovered prematurely and to save their sorry hide from annihilation has no recourse but to hide behind the skirt errr desperately form an alliance kuno with Cory Aquino. It was not exactly a democracy movement but anti-Marcos sentiments reaching a critical mass thus people took to the streets. Guess why is that so? The left's anti-Marcos propaganda just helped the trapos personality contest thus no meaningful reform occurred except for the democratic space. I can understand that Satur Ocampo is now with the money camp errr Villar, but I think singing to the same out of tune griping of EDSA 1 belonging to the people will just not cut it.... the left was not exactly enamored by the yellow "uprising." It did not occur to them that the people pouring out on the street will drive away a dictator for good and were caught by surprise just watching at the sidelines.

Had it been a democracy movement that trapos and others now re-writing history according to their agenda we would not have seen numerous coup attempts during Cory Aquino’s presidency. In case people are still deluding themselves that it was a democratic movement go figure why as if by a stroke of miracle (I suspect was not of the biblical kind) the military coup plotters took a hiatus during the Ramos regime? Of course one can argue that there was one successful coup attempt during Estrada’s Jueteng National Republic but that is a different story and not the handiwork of the usual suspects.

EDSA 1 is definitely not a franchise. No particular group can claim to own it, I can agree to that but when Loren says it was all about genuine democracy she must be off her rocker. In the first place we just thought we are a democracy so where is this “genuine” democracy coming from? Well, in a genuine democracy that we aspire we have a level political playing field and from the looks of it the elites are still dominating and dictating the rules of the game, so in what planet Loren stays the most truly escapes me. Unless she believes or wants us to believe that Villar’s pouring billions of depreciated pesos is leveling the political playing field then she has her own concept of genuine democracy that only she knew and understands.

I would like to believe that in a genuine democracy we have to have a trustworthy commission on election overseeing the election, not what we have right now where they rule by law instead of abide and impose the rule of law. If we can’t even charge Garcillano and the Unbedolable Lintang Bedol with illegal possession of ugly face errr I meant electoral fraud and their cohorts’ oooops people in their team getting promoted instead of prosecuting them in court, are we to say that EDSA 1 gave us a genuine democracy? We were given a chance towards strengthening the democratic gains with the fall of the dictator but we squandered it and ended up getting worse as we change our presidents. We may have rid of the Marcos dictatorship but the trapos helped and encouraged little Marcoses to rise up again haunting us like ghost in abusing and ruling their localities like their fiefdom.

Perhaps, Loren Legarda now regrets their prison convict orange party color, well no one will stop them if they use the color yellow in the same manner that Brother Eddie Villanueva uses it and yet no one is complaining. Just because the convicts kosa (buddy) of pedophile dishonorable congressman friend of Gloria Arroyo never complains about their use of their color it does not mean that they are welcome to use it........ Maybe they are protesting, but then again is it possible that it was in anticipation of a new inmate if the next elected president whoever he is will really go after the corrupt and those who abused their power and influence to amass enormous wealth.

No one owns the spirit of EDSA 1 in the same manner that no one has the right to tell people not to use it. If they have a beef about it they should just use the occasion too and let us see how people will react. In the same vein it is up to the people and how they will treat the Liberal Party’s timing of their rally to coincide with EDSA 1 commemoration come election time.

There is no doubt that people value the legacy of Cory Aquino. A bold move on the part of Noynoy Aquino to take on the shoes of his mother, will it be a good thing or a bad thing? I say it will be a good thing if he improves on her mother’s legacy should he get elected, on the other hand if it is the same as before he can’t afford to have more disillusioned populace that may have a dire consequence on the establishment. 10% of the population roaming every corner of the globe eking out a living for lack of opportunities back home and no one seems to care how to bring them back because most if not all the candidates are hell bent on dividing the spoils. Instead of lambasting other parties why not focus on how to finish the unfinished EDSA revolution that was bastardized by the same critical people who mangled and bastardized it beyond recognition to fatten their own slimy pockets…… shame, shame, shame.

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