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Look Who's On Glenn Beck's Blackboard

This so cool... can't help posting this here, from our friends at Brave New Films.. Log in your Facebook account to experience the awesome programming.....

Brave New Films

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Dear Friends, Colleagues and Supporters,

NO, I am not really on Glenn Beck's blackboard. We are actually working with our friends at SEIU and MoveOn on this video. We wanted to use satire to make the point about how his crying on cue, his barking into the camera, and his scribbling conspiracy theories onto a chalkboard are not examples of true patriotism.

There is real pain and grief in the country right now, people are hurting, and Glenn Beck is playing on this hurt. Real hurt.

In an effort to expose him we created a cutting-edge video to show how ludicrous Glenn Beck really is. Satire has a long and important tradition and we found it appropriate as a tool to fight back against Glenn Beck's attacks and smears. Use it to spread the word.

Check it out here and watch closely, because you won't believe who is in it!

Robert Greenwald
and the Brave New Films team

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