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Good evening-morning in Manila.

Strange things are happening in the dead of night – like this conversation among media people, mainstream and bloggers. This is real news – clear evidence of sellout of Elections 2010. The names, however, must be disguised to keep the freedom of journalism. I can’t reveal my sources, now, can I? Read and discover “one little operation” to release the Ampatuans – father and son – responsible for that massacre in December ’09 are being released on bail by La Gloria, and what this means to justice and democracy itself in poor Inang Bayan. It also indicts the National Press Club, the media establishment and certain individuals whose identities we're tracking as BOUGHT MEDIA. Listen in. - Sylvia Morningstar

Hello folks,

My apologies to those who were tagged but this needs to be looked into.

A very VERY reliable source has informed me that the Ampatuans will be released on bail based on an Ampatuan insider. This is not going to sit well for our country and that PGMA is considering granting it [?].

Also, there are rumors that the Ampatuans have paid some "media" personnel not to have the Ampatuan cases placed in the front pages of some newspapers as well. [This news coming from Hawaii] and that only the foreign press is following this case closely.

I'm throwing this to you guys because you have your eyes and ears on the ground and if media is not picking this up. Oh, gosh.

Best regards to all.

BABY DOLL: Thanks. I will forward this to some people.

EARNEST HEART: Can anyone check about the military and police unrest? I have received queries and tidbits about it. Please let me know.

MOON FACE: I've heard about PMA Class 78 coming up with a manifesto but I still haven't read the press release on that.

EARNEST HEART: It’s class 77 we have to watch out for. Sila ang tinamaan ng 'overlook'.

MOON FACE: ay sorry, yup, 77 nga. Need to keep my ears on the ground....

EARNEST HEART: let me know ha, moon?

MOON FACE: Hey, someone just verified the news - including the fact that once bail is denied by Reyes, Fortun will take it to COA and then the appointees will influence the COA decision under duress and pressures from pandak. The Ampuputas will be out on bail.

He said: your sources are correct. That's very unnerving...

BABY DOLL: goodness gracious!

SISTER RAM: They must be desperate about Mindanao. Neither Gibo nor Villar (nor Noynoy) are gaining ground there.

EARNEST HEART: very true...haaay.

HANDSOME BARRACUDA: I guess pandak knows granting bail to the Ampatuans could sow more chaos in an attempt to create unrest that would eventually halt or delay the polls. I've seen how the Malacañang people despise People Power nowadays.

LEFT TURN: Is it because Gloria feels the Mangadadatus will not do a good job of delivering the votes against a tested clan who delivers them "efficiently"?

MOON FACE: Maybe PJ or someone threatened to spill the beans if they're not allowed bail.

GREEN HORNET: I think it's Zaldy Ampatuan who will be released first.


MOON FACE: It’s been hounding and haunting the grapevine since yesterday... how come the media hasn't picked this up? They can report on the "rumor" right?

SEXY BLOGGER: There's a lot they haven't been picking up lately...

MOON FACE: and one wonders why....

EARNEST HEART: Here’s another rumor. NPC head Benny Antiporda and 50 million pesos from the Ampatuans. That a good enough reason why these stories aren't seeing the light of day?

MOON FACE: 50 Million? Why do these eggheads have this kind of money in the first place? Is it theirs or someone gave it to them?

EARNEST HEART: Mindanao is a rich rich rich place.... Corruption there is like a fat leech now.

MOON FACE: I'm getting a major gum-ache from all this...grabe.

EARNEST HEART: Kakasuka. When I first heard this, sa reliable source... gusto ko pasabugin ang building ng NPC... Nakakagalit... pucha... 30++ na kabaro ang niratrat sa Maguindanao tapos itong mga hinayupak na ito... ibinenta ang kapwa nila! Wala silang ipinag iba sa mga cannibals... di pa mangamatay eh!!

MOON FACE: Antiporda should explain this. NPC should get overhauled pag ganyan. Uso ata yung dependency on the palace syndrome nowadays.... no such thing as an INDEPENDENT institution anymore.

EARNEST HEART: Ano eexplain nyang Antipordang yan, eh ang kapal ng mukha niyan. Dati pa pero tino- tolerate. Pero ito, ibang level na to. Ide deny nya lang lahat yan... magaling yang gagong yan. Nakuuuuuuu nanggigigil talaga ako.

MOON FACE: Don't the members and board members of the NPC have the power to "eject" an erring member from its Board?

EARNEST HEART: BAYAD RIN! Kaya nga di ba sabi ko... gusto ko pasabugin ang building ng NPC? Yung mga waiters doon na ang tagal na... pinalayas ng mga grupong ito... para me mga maipuwesto... grabe... kahit barya... pinapatulan...

MOON FACE: Bert Causing is running as president of the NPC di ba? Maybe Antiporda should be exposed as early as now...

Best way to deal with them is exposure. A simple expose on them... sayang, walang online yung list of current members.

EARNEST HEART: If Bert Causing is as good as he thinks he is... he should already know about this pay off... grabe ha...nasira ang pagtingin ko sa NPC... parang gusto kong ma depress...I’m taking a big goblet of wine... pucha nagising ako ah.... out muna ko.... see you tomorrow

MOON FACE: daya mo.

EARNEST HEART: shocked ako, ha. patulog na ko me tumawag... taga dzbb; yung isa taga dzrh. pareho ang sinabi... ayaw magpa quote... mahirap i prove... pero pati mga boss nila... tumanggap.

tuloy ito bukas... masakit ang ulo ko... may i-share pa akong iba... tungkol sa monitoring etc....

MOON FACE: Kung puede lang ilusot yang wine sa linya, nagpa lusot na rin ako...

ELUSIVE ONE: If no one objects, I'm turning this into a Note on my wall with ALL IDENTITIES DISGUISED. I'll wait for a half-hour. It's 1:14 a.m. now, March 25. My logic is that MORE PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THIS, BEYOND THE MEDIA. This concerns the whole nation, if not humanity.

Okay? Countdown begins now. Posting this at 1.45 a.m. March 24.

MOON FACE: Gen S and I once agreed that the short-term memory syndrome was a primary ill of this country. Now the National Press Club is capitalizing on that. Disgusting talaga.

The NPC is supposed to uphold press freedom, uplift the thinking minds of the people, support it, guide it, and make people THINK and ponder on what's right and what's wrong! Writers, journalists, reporters - are supposed to mirror the society... but what happens when that mirror is cracked and chipped ... broken into a thousand paid pieces?

NO WONDER our society is like this.

GREEN HORNET: That Zaldy Ampatuan will be released is true, I think. That he will work for Villar is Aquino camp paranoia, I think. Let's not mix up facts with propaganda. Ang totoo lang, please.

To be continued as this dialogue continues, as is, where is. WAKE UP, MEDIA! You're failing your mission. WAKE UP, COUNTRY! DO SOMETHING NOW!

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