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National Spotlight on Philippine Independent Films

If you happen to be in Los Angeles you have until May 8, 2008 to watch the Philippines entry to the 24th Annual Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.

This year, the global cinematic spotlight will be on the Philippines with six films from Filipino international artists and two from Filipino American directors. These new filmmakers are fast becoming the "new wave of modern cinema" and the festival has cultivated some of the best from these new visionaries:

  • SLINGSHOT - Brilliante Mendozao

  • FOSTER CHILD – Brilliante Mendozao

  • TRIBU (TRIBE) – Jim Libirano


  • NEO-LOUNGE – Joanna Vasquez Arongo

  • PHILIPPINE SCIENCE – Aureaus Solitoo

  • SANTA MESA – Ron Moraleso

  • THE SENSEI – Diana Lee Inosanto

Four venues in West Hollywood and Little Tokyo, Downtown Los AngelesFor a complete program, see the website of Visual Communications http://www.vconline.org/.

MAY 04 - 02:30 PM Laemmle's Sunset 5 FOSTER CHILD (Philippines, 2007) Dir.: Brilliante Mendoza, Scr.: Ralston Jover, 35mm, 98 min., Color, Narrative, in Tagalog w/E.S.

MAY 04 - 10:00 PM Directors Guild of America, Theater 2 TRIBE (Philippines, 2007) Dir./Scr.: Jim Libiran, Video, 90 min., Color, Narrative, in Tagalog w/E.S.

MAY 06 - 07:30 PM National Center for the Preservation of Democracy YEARS WHEN I WAS A CHILD OUTSIDE (TAON NOONG AKO'Y ANAK SA LABAS) (Philippines, 2008) Dir./Wtr.: John Torres, Video, 100 min., Color, Documentary, in Tagalog w/E.S.

Shown yesterday:

PHILIPPINE SCIENCE (PISAY) at the Directors Guild of America, Theater 2(Philippines, 2007) Dir: Auraeus Solito; Scr.: Henry Grageda, Video, 118 min., Color, Narrative, Tagalog w/E.S. ALAGWA -- Directors Guild of America, Theater 3(Philippines, 2007) Dirs: Pia Augustha G. Agetep, Preciouse Ann M. Tayag, Scr.: Precious Ann M. Tayag, Video, 28 mins, Color, Narrative, Tagalog w/E.S.

SANTA MESA -- Laemmle's Sunset 5 (United States/Philippines, 2007) Dir./Scr.: Ron Morales, 35mm, 82 min., Color, Narrative, English and Tagalog w/E.S.

SLINGSHOT -- Directors Guild of America, Theater 2(Philippines, 2007) Dir.: Brilliante Mendoza; Scr.: Ralston Joel Jover, Video, 86 mins, Color, Narrative, in Tagalog w/E.S.
CUT -- Directors Guild of America, Theater 2 (Philippines, 2007) Dir./Scr.: Nelson Florentino, Video, 2 mins, Color, Narrative, English


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Los Angeles, California

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