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Charice Pempengco & the Wonders of the Internet

Charice Pempengco the child prodigy is on her way to stardom, all because a stranger posted her performance on youtube that was picked up by influential American television host like Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey, UK’s Paul O’Grady, and other notable Entertainment television shows in the US and Korea where she was the most requested guest.Click on Image to go to Charice Pempengco's website

Unlike teenage pop idols whose fame or claim to stardom was their being famous being the daughter of famous parents this little girl has none of that but plenty on singing skills and delivery so mature and rich. If you just listen without seeing her you would have thought this is a performance by a well honed and seasoned veteran in the performing arts.

Indeed the internet has that democratizing effect of leveling the playing field. Armed only with pure talent Charice Pempengco was able to share the limelight with a pool of numerous celebrity stars promoted by the best PR marketing outfit in the world. Now that truly makes the internet a truly wonderful development in technology that affords us to discover a singing sensation outside of the structured corporate world that literally package to us regular mortals entertainers that are rather based on what sells than talent.

The best performance ever I should say of Charice Pempengco singing Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing" that has me almost tearing up was in Oprah Winfrey show seeing the host herself awed in disbelief and standing ovations from equally mesmerized audiences. It is dazzling to say the least. Awesome is an understatement if I may so and this is the first time I have watched her on youtube at that is truly impressive. Can you imagine if you can watch her in a well produced concert venue with excellent acoustics and audio equipment?

I really never paid attention to this youtube talents especially when most of them are a joke like that prison idol dancers politicized to whine and whimper like dogs by their master trainer prison director in supporting a leader with questionable mandate.

Hopefully she stays that way and not let the political vultures take advantage of her innocence and rising popularity that will truly spoil a prodigy’s rise to stardom. Charice Pempengco reminded people of Celine Dion, who was also a child prodigy. She is so good that when her manager/husband discovered her took a gamble and risked everything he got to promote Celine and look at where she is now a very successful star to this day is in demand. Is Charice headed along the same path as Celine Dion? That I have to see and I wish her all the best to make her dreams come true…………… At a time when we see the Philippines drowning from the muck of corruption and scandals run by perverted leaders whose sense of values is driven by such evil depths of greed and amidst the squalor, the possibility of an international star on the rise against all odds is on the horizon making us feel good in the process.

Enjoy her performance at Oprah Winfrey Show below on youtube or visit Charice Pempengco's website to learn more about her.

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