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NAFFA Issues Another Call to Action on FilVets S.1315

Pres Candidate McCain & FilVets (22 May 2008, photo courtesy of Rudy Asercion)Despite the “all or nothing crowd” of detractors of S.1315 benefiting US veterans and FilVets the bill evidently has the Bipartisan support of Presidential nominee Republican Senator McCain, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others Senate and House leaders.

The Senate passed S.1315. The House was not able to act on S.1315 this week, but we expect S.1315 to be the priority for House action immediately after the week-long Memorial Day recess.Speaker Nancy Pelosi & FilVet Celestino Almeda, 91 (22 May 2008, photo courtesy of ACFV)

Congress will resume work on June 3. US Reps will be in their home states. NaFFA is appealing to all FilAms to use this week to contact their US Reps in their district offices and in community meetings where they may be present. NaFFA is further appealing to make sure that the FilVets benefits are included in the bill, see Call to Action on S.1315 in US Congress or this site for details on how you can contact your district representatives.

Photo courtesy of FilAm leader Rudy Asercion
Presidential Candidate McCain & FilVets
Speaker Nancy Pelosi & FilVet Celestino Almeda, 91

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