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ONE - A Filipino Celebration

ONE is on! The unique Filipino celebration will introduce itself on Saturday May 24, 2008, at Kimball Park, National City.

ONE is a movement standing for solidarity among Filipinos in America, where diversity is acknowledged, appreciated and invited to find unity in common causes seeking the serve the highest interests of Filipino-Americans. Beyond that, ONE also seeks to actively facilitate the fruition of Fil-Am dreams to build a homeland of their dreams. In pursuit of this, ONE links with Gawad Kalinga, the fast-growing nation-building movement that focuses on dismantling a shameful poverty in the homeland that is a blight to all Filipinos wherever they are in this world.

ONE will be from 10 am to 6 pm at Kimball Park, home to major Filipino events in the county. It will be a full day of festivities where the best of the Filipino will be showcased and harnessed to propel a great initiative for solidarity and honor. The day begins with two grand events - a caravan of heroes helping the homeland through Gawad Kalinga which will begin from several points from LA to Las Vegas, and a fun ride organized by the Sikad ng Bayan and joined by other cycling groups. These will converge through the Filipino - American Highway in National City.

ONE then shifts to Kimball Park where different Fil-Am organizations representing all the different provinces will converge. It will be a day of fun, food, music, dance and fellowship where even children will be catered to. Kimball Park will be a landscape of colors that reflect the tropical ambiance of home.

ONE is born!

Let us be ONE People and ONE Unified Nation once and for all.

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