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The Return of Chrstopher Lao in Support of Cybercrime Prevention Act with Sottomized E-Libel

Remember Christopher Lao and his “famous” or rather infamous arrogant phrase “I should have been informed” that was mocked and went viral after he plunged into the flood and his car hilariously floated and dragged by the current? Well, he is back and with a vengeance to say the least in support of the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 specifically the Sottomised inserted provision on E-Libel, LOL.

To refresh our memories I found the original TV coverage on youtube below:

Oooooppps mea culpa, mea culpa, it’s this youtube below but you must admit that it was pretty hilarious isn’t it?

Anyway according Christopher Lao the reason he supports the Sottomized Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 specifically the E-Libel provision (never mind that he is a lawyer now and that E-Libel was inserted and never went on the floor for debate, LOL) was the absence of a law that protects or prevent people like him to be a victim of cyber bullying. Funny how he described his nemesis of his own making as the “highly evolved demon” of social media abuse, hehehe while rationalizing the passing of the defective RA10175 as expounded by Theodore Te's article "Cyberauthoritarianism 101." Let me just quote the “cyber bullied” Lao’s spits este speech:

“In levying a much heavier penalty on cyber libel, the State therefore recognizes fundamental differences between cyber libel and its counterpart in the penal books. Not only that, the State has a heavy interest in seeing this bill through because this demon knows no age. It doesn’t choose between young and old and therefore vulnerable to these attacks are our youth,” he said.

“In enacting this law, our State was just fulfilling its constitutional mandate to protect and ensure the wellbeing of the youth who are [the] foundation of our nation. If it were otherwise, we would have a society filled with disempowered youth; people who would settle for less, for mediocrity, because all their lives they are going to be made to believe they are not worth anything more,” he added.

Lao said lack of an anti-cybercrime law could lead to a society filled with criminals because experts agree that cyberbullied individuals, like himself, have a huge probability to become criminals.

“Bakit? Kasi galit yung tao. Ganun kaya ako nung na-bully ako. I was really, really raging mad. I wanted to get back at everybody but ganun yun sa umpisa. Natural process yun. Hindi ako masama,” he said.

Lao said there have been cases of young people who commit suicide because of cyberbullying. He cited the suicides of Megan Meier and Ryan Halligan in the US, which were later used to craft legislation against cyberbullying.

Really now, perhaps if Lao will take the time to look at himself in the mirror he will see the demon is within him and not what he perceived as those heaped on him. First of all this is what is wrong with some people in our society, they never or are clueless in taking responsibility and accountability for their actions. You don’t blame others for what you do because if that is the case I myself posted on FaceBook as my profile pic Janarah Fox nude photo and I can also conveniently say that RA10175 made me do it, LOL. I feel like a pot belied hairy man posing as a sweet sexy woman and that is hilarious but was it an offshoot of the unjust law or was I just being ridiculous? I say the later because we need to realize that the world does not revolve around us and besides we can’t be too serious all the time, LOL. For someone who believes he was bullied, its just unthinkable that he wants the rest of the netizen in and out of the Philippines to be silenced by the dumb criminalized libel provision?

According to Lao he did good studying law but this makes me doubt what he learned when he state that victims like him can become criminal surely has a problem. Perhaps Narciso (narcissist tendencies?) takes the better of some men who can’t see beyond himself because they are so fixated with their own shallow selves?

In a society that has been numbed to the perversion around them there comes a point where some people lose their ability to discern what is acceptable and unacceptable or worse legitimate from illegitimate, or legal and illegal. If that was not the case how else can you explain Angara's son who rationalize that their family political dynasty is different and above the rest since they have a legacy to impart to the people. Really, hehehe the frozen stiff one also has a legacy and to this day haunts us like a recurring nightmare starting with the Sottomized E-Libel. How about following the constitution for a change instead of making excuses? I am afraid that people with shallow minds will not see pass that and will just make excuses why they are a jerk or worse a thieving criminal.

There is still time for Christopher Lao to redeem himself if he stops his fixation on being a "bullied" victim. 2 years past and he still wants to be seen as a damaged goods is just preposterous, why not take anger management so that next time you find yourself in a hole you can avoid digging yourself deeper thinking that's the only way out when you simply snap out of it by stepping out, hehehe.

Bullying victims are the likes of Saturnino Fabros, Jaime Garcia, or the sales clerk at the Duty Free Shop berated and humiliated in public by Boyet Fajardo and not the Carabuena or Roy Negro type because while Lao did not beat up the news crew he did try to bully his way out with his arrogance and temper. What happened to Christopher Lao is definitely karma as in you reap what you sow and definitely not bullying (if he was they are a minority), most people just find his reactions hilarious making him fair game for mocking, LOL..... Here's an unsolicited advice Christopher, next time you are in a bind, and when you see some news crew trying to interview you, don't even make a comment, especially when you are not in a position to say something nice, that might embarrass you and your family no end.

I believe Philippine society has an overload of tear jerker tele-novelas that makes people develop an illusion that they are victims or people are out there to victimize them. When one gets mocked online due to their arrogant behavior don't always think that you are being bullied, some people are just trying to see how far they can go until the next meltdown, LOL.

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