"In societies where Robbing Hoods are treated like a celebrity it is but natural to expect political parties to act like a Mafia syndicate" Political Jaywalker "In a nation where corruption is endemic people tend to confuse due process with aiding and abetting criminals" Political Jaywalker "War doesn't determine who is right, war determines who is left" Bertrand Russell "You have just one flash flood of money, you keep your people poor. It's like a time bomb and it's scary" Philippine Lawmaker

Robert "Blair" Carabuena the epitome of road rage idiocy

When one enjoys what seems like a successful professional career in a multinational company like Philip Morris International you would think that said person is on the right track and would normally be a respected member of society. The problem is some dinky dink nut case cannot handle what they thought was their high status that is more of a symbol that makes one delusional into thinking he is way above lowly MMDA traffic enforcers that it is alright to berate, insult, and physically manhandle them.

In the Philippines where employment is hard to come by landing a job at a multinational firm can easily get on one's head if one is really shallow like most other fools. When people lose their sense of balance so goes fairness and worse when one does not have their feet firmly on the ground they think they have earned the right to maltreat "lowly" people like MMDA T/C Saturnino Fabros.

Just because Carabuena is so well fed and bulging fat right now what he forgot to feed is and nurture is his sense of civility and of course in the process loosed his class or did he ever had it to begin with? Balance is the key and there is really nothing wrong with taking things in moderation as in food should be enjoyed but not to the extent of eating himself like a piggy, LOL. If one does not have self-control and they tend to overdo things to the point of anger and madness taking control of their rational self which can turn really ugly. Carabuena should count his lucky stars he has not reached the level of stupidity of Jason Ivler and Rolito Go or he may regret his stupidity the rest of his miserable life.

People like Carabuena should be taught a lesson the hard way lest he turns into a Jason Ivler or worse like convicted murderer Rolito Go. Carabuena should look at this pathetic picture of convict Rolito Go, he will soon look like him, the prison's sugar daddy errrr milking cow. Hopefully Carabuena has earned enough bribe money or it will be a very miserable life awaits him, LOL.

Money talks and lots of it make one walks as in enjoying a living out privilege like this convict Rolito Go who was supposed to serve two life sentence but you know how "flexible" is our justice system when it involves moneyed clients errrr inmates.

According to the latest report Rolito Go is missing. Now how odd is that, they can't account for their inmate and declares he is missing? As if that is not bad enough his relatives are now claiming he has been kidnapped. Really, how can an inmate in custody serving his sentence gets himself kidnapped out of jail is one for Guinness Book of World Record.

While I believe the school especially Ateneo teaches their student good citizenship sometimes even that is not enough owing to other factors that shapes a human being into what they are, Harvey Keh of Kaya Natin says it best, to quote:
The disturbing and very sad incident that happened to the MMDA traffic enforcer that was done by Robert Blair Carabuena, an alleged graduate of Ateneo de Manila University should also serve as a challenge to our schools that we should not only aspire to teach our students excellence in academics but more importantly, we should also make sure that they come out of our institutions as responsible Filipino citizens with the right set of values and principles. Kahit gaano ka kagaling at katalino kung asal hayop ka naman, mas masahol ka pa sa taong walang pinag-aralan.
There are people who wants Robert "Blair" Carabuena fired and if that happens will he be able to handle it in a civil manner or will he go berserk again? One thing is clear the victim complainant T/C Saturino Fabros must not succumb to pressure and settle out of court for a measly sum. Money will not heal the humiliation and low regard for the agency. It will do the nation good if they see the likes of abusive Carabueno is brought back to earth preferably one with locked bars to show that we are indeed serious in taking the narrow straight path of righteousness.
An Appeal to Philip Morris

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