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Robert "Blair" Carabuena another Jason Ivler in the making?

Found this very upsetting video on Lila Shahani's FB wall about a road rage maniac. I wonder what triggered such violent reaction from this nut job enough to manhandle and insult in public an MMDA traffic enforcer. I can understand why people get irritated at MMDA traffic officer but to berate and physically manhandle them is not only uncalled for but a criminal savage act  that belongs to the zoo este the uncivilized society.

It makes me wonder why people like Robert Carabuena a supposedly Atenoyo errr Ateneo alumni will go this low subjecting them to a very humiliating savagery as if we are back in the feudal days of the feudal lord abusing their subjects.
Now, why will someone who seems to be very successful professionally in his field in the Human Resources will be so dumb to act in this manner? If that's how he treats people that he thinks are below him how exactly does he do his job?

In the case of Jason Ivler the guy seems to be angry at the world and I think I can understand why, with a mother that he has I think even a good son will probably go berserk. Does Robert Carabuena have the same kind of mother like Jason Ivler thus the anger management problem?

One thing is certain people who saw the video are very upset and it seems Carabuena has gained some notoriety for that incident. I hope the MMDA officer will pursue the case against Carabuena all the way and not settle out of court. If this is settled out of court a lot of people will be disappointed and whatever respect the MMDA people out on the field will be in tatters. Not that they are respected now but the more so that the people will lose their respect but they will be the biggest laughing stock in Metro Manila. 

For one Carabuena is no Jason Ivler, the guy seems to have some overweight issue thus the uncivilized demeanor. Is he a tough guy? I doubt it, this is the kind they want in prison. He better hope he stays out of jail but then again just to fill our curiosity I think we want him there and see if he is really a tough guy and resist being crowned the cell block queen of tough convicts who knows how to be tough all the way, LOL.....

If you have a Facebook account and wants Robert "Blair" Carabuena fired by his employer Philip Morris International this FB page has to reach 50K likes, please spread it around.

Update: 8/15/12

Gov @ Work

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) will file criminal charges today against a Philip Morris executive who beat up a traffic constable in Quezon City last Saturday.

MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino said he has directed the Legal Service to file direct assault charges against Robert Blair Carabuena, recruitment officer of the multinational tobacco company, on behalf of Traffic Constable Saturnino Fabros.

The criminal complaint will be filed today at the Office of the City Prosecutor in Quezon City.
“We cannot allow this aggression and shameless attack against our men who are only doing their job as best as they can, regardless of the risks they face in the streets every day,” Tolentino said.

Saying the assault on Fabros is also an attack against the MMDA, Tolentino demanded that Carabuena issue a public apology.

Carabuena was caught on camera slapping Fabros several times over a traffic violation. Fabros said he had tried to apprehend Carabuena after he ignored the stop signal at the corner of Capitol Drive and Tandang Sora Avenue in Quezon City.

Tolentino said he will also ask the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to cancel Carabuena’s driver’s license as “abusive and arrogant motorists like him, who obviously do not have serious regard to the rule of law, have no right to be in the road in the first place.”

Under the Revised Penal Code, direct assault is charged to any person who shall attack, employ force, or seriously intimidate or resist any person in authority or any of his agents, while engaged in the performance of official duties.

Direct assault is punishable by a prison term of six months to six years.

Tolentino said the criminal liability of Carabuena is aggravated by the fact — as shown in the video footages — that he laid his hands upon Fabros, a person in authority.

“As with all of our men who were attacked and intimidated by undisciplined motorists while performing their duties, we will see to it that justice is served to Mr. Fabros,” the MMDA chief said, adding that they will extend all possible assistance to the traffic constable.

Read Statement of Chairman Francis N. Tolentino on the Saturnino Fabros incident

UPDATE: 2/7/13

If only all of our judges are like Judge Juris Dilinila-Callanta, manufacturers of wheelchair will be out of business in no time, LOL. Looks like an accused weasel trying to avoid the court trial feigning sickness as an excuse will not pass with this judge, hehehe.

The problem with our injustice system errr I meant injustice system is that once the complainant lose interest in the case the judge automatically dismiss it. Whatever happened to the case where it says boldly on top of the subpoena that the People of the Philippines vs. the accused, yes people of the Philippines therefore once it reached that stage the accused is now accountable to the people of the Philippines instead of just one complainant? Of course one of the old tricks is to exhaust the complainant since justice in the Philippines as some believes rely on who has the most PESOnality instead of evidence and therefore will try and delay the proceedings.

Well this time around, Carabuena was issued a warrant of arrest for failing to attend the trial and also before that the preliminary investigation with his bail doubled to P12,000.00 and his lawyer for failing to attend the trial. His failure to appear before the woman judge truly validates how most bully responds when it comes to determining their accountability........ the coward that they really are will try desperately to weasel themselves out but in doing all the wrong move actually just get themselves in the hole they dug for themselves, LOL.

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