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Pass the RH BIll or eat ourselves to extinction?

While Philippine politicians of different persuasions indulge in a never ending debate whether to pass or junk the RH Bill LA Times came up with a very scary article on global population explosion.
It is understandable that people of different beliefs and persuasion will stood pat on what they deem to be right. In the end what counts is whether said stand helps the nation move forward towards a better society or one that was made even worse by their deluded decisions.

Prominent in the video section was that of retired archbishop Cruz a once active anti-Jueteng crusader who seems to have changed his priorities into the anti-RH Bill stance coming up with his pro-life version of population is the nation's wealth argument. Perhaps the good archbishop is overly optimistic, nothing wrong with that if what we need is to feel good but one must be grounded on the actual conditions and realities of the population explosion if we want humanity to survive in this ever changing world. Really scary, this is like saying if ever we get a buck for every child born out of the baby factories in the Manila alone we will all probably be wallowing in millions of pesos. I have no clue what drugs Mr. Cruz is taking right now but can he not see clearly that we are having problem of stunted malnourished children due to poverty and ignorance?

How can we treat our faster than rabbit like population explosion as our wealth when we see in the video a mother who wishes and prays to god that in case her children get sick and dying, to take them quickly and spare them the sufferings because she can't afford medical care? She can't even afford to regularly food food on their table what ore with hospitalization or simple medical needs?

Can we really be so foolishly optimistic in looking at the population is wealth half glass outlook when we have quite a number of children whose growth are stunted and malnourished? How can our population be our wealth when we know all along that malnutrition also affects children's brain development? True we sometimes need to have a brighter outlook amidst the squalor but one has to draw the line when it borders on delusion or plain lies.

We seem to be so fixated at denying realities that when the recent storm hit Manila hard it came with a sea load of trash dumped at the exclusive Manila Yacht Club turning it into mother nature's alternate dump site and surrounding areas. The sight as disgusting as it was is so surreal that took 500 people to clean and they can't even keep up with the enormous volume. A nasty reminder from mother earth nature not to use our open seas as our enormous dump site and was it because quite a huge sector of our population are not serviced by the city for their trash disposal? Signs that we are so overpopulated that we can't manage our trash disposal eventually polluting our surroundings even our seas?

Can we just stop the lies and call a spade a spade instead of virtual deception in the guise of optimism? As I watch the disgusting video coverage of the storm the onion skinned media willfully or was it naivete on their part when they encourage and contribute to the lies and deception? They know that they are lying when they call a mangangalkal (scavenger) to a mangangalakal (trader) which no matter or on what angle you look at it a scavenger is a scavenger. If we see scavengers getting excited at the disgusting tonloads of trash maybe it is about time we seriously consider passing the RH Bill and not be a burden to not just our own society but the world as well. Oh, in case the optimist still see population is wealth they may want to take a serious look at the exponential population explosion that will hit us like raging waves brought about by the storm and along with it mountains of trash.

Beyond 7 Billion, the worlds population and growing, until we figure out how to balance the exponential growth of the population against a dwindling natural resources we may end up eating ourselves to extinction.

On the surface if we look at China it appears that the myth that population is wealth seems to  be valid. While having a large population seems to help them it is not exactly utopian and their extremely huge population definitely affected the whole world in the fuel price hike unheard of before China became a consumer nation. Imagine if they did not embarked on a one-child policy would they have prospered or if they did can you imagine how past we can we deplete the world's fossil fuels? What about food production and our forest, the mineral resources, water, and electricity? Will we have enough to sustain our existence or are we heading towards self extinction?

95.5M Pinoys, 18.4% in poverty, with a median age of 22.2, and a fertility rate of 3.27%, guess how many babies are we expecting soon?

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