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Passing the RH Bill does not mean we will run out of Babies

Patricia Evangelista wrote about Danilo Suarez’s "courage," which I believe should have been shameless opportunism for abandoning RH Bill 4244 of his kulig este colleague former minority leader Edcel Lagman. Together with his fellow clowns jumping in joy at seeing their BPF (Best Plunderer Forever) Gloria Suarez announced that the following nut jobs errr fellow lawmaker are now the party of RH Bill abandonist aligned with Padre Damasos, namely:
  • Siquijor Rep. Orlando Fua
  • Una Ang Pamilya Party-list Rep. Reena Concepcion Obillo
  • Lanao del Sur Rep. Mohammed Hussein Pangandaman
  • AA Kasosyo Party-list Rep. Nasser Pangandaman
  • Camarines Norte Rep. Elmer Panotes
  • Anad Party-list Rep. Pastor Alcover
LOL..... there goes the opportunist showing their true colors together with an irrelevant church imposing their religious beliefs on the ever growing marginalization of their flocks.

Suarez reasoning if ever we can call it that for abandoning the RH Bill was when he visited western countries he does not seem to see children around, hehehe thus he felt the need to abandon the "cause" lest we run out of babies, LOL.

Suarez unfounded fears only shows he has no clue on the enormity and almost hopeless problem we are dealing with on our population explosion. So far there are 95.5 Million Pinoy and counting 18.4% living in poverty with an average age of 22.2 and fertility rate of 3.27% do they really think we will run out of babies in the near future even if they passed the RH Bill now instead of endlessly debating it?

There are almost 500,000 illegal abortions performed yearly risking life and limb even jail sentence just to avoid giving birth to babies they can't afford to feed and did that huge number stop the exponential growth of our population? The point is we need the government to provide our women an alternative to illegal abortions and if they have to do it should be done in a safe clean medical facility performed by licensed physicians.

The government does not dictate on the churches how to practice their religion so why do we allow them to dictate and impose their religious beliefs on the government. Let them use the pulpit to give us a sermon on losing our Maria Claras if our Padre Damasos learn how to use contraceptives and they are within their right but to dictate on how the government is run is just too overbearing and against the separation of church and state......... But then again with the realignment of the plunderer and the church the people ought to know who are the real social villains here, hehehe.

As if this is not crazy enough we have Bishops who flew over the cuckoos nest este who stretch their argumentation to the hilt by saying that contraception is corruption. All because taxpayers money will be used to provide the contraceptives. 

If providing for contraceptives to prevent baby factories from making babies is considered corruption because of the use of taxpayers money, what is feeding the exponentially growing poor population and unwanted babies called?

Corruption is when someone pocketed the funds and thus adversely affected the integrity of the project. C'mon Mr. Bishops, you gays este guys can do better than that silly argumentation, LOL.......

Read Patricia Evangelista's article here....... 

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