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Who's Winning and Losing in the 2010 Philippine Election

The computerization of the Philippine election shows that nothing is impossible in the Gloria Arroyo questionable mandate. How else can you explain a furniture company suddenly transforming itself into the number one leading IT provider in the nation bagging the billion depreciated peso deal. So who wins here? Definitely the impatient people who wants to see the election result pronto except for one teeny little problem…… if it was rigged we may not even know how it happened but it sure was fast enough for us to realize we’ve been had.
While the counting is fast the time to cast the ballot seemed like eternity under the scorching sun so the winner here is definitely the manufacturer of sun tan lotion, bottled water, and personal hygiene products unless some prefer not to take a shower afterward and choose to be miserable, sweaty, and smelly at the same time.

Noynoy Aquino definitely won, no not the counting yet but it sure shows he is bound to get that one too. Patience and humility showing his leadership qualities by example in patiently waiting for his turn to vote lining up just like everyone else. In contrast Loren Legarda truly deserves not just to lose the election but also losing it with her feeling so entitled when she rudely cut the line to vote. When she was reminded by people that there is a line she was like losing it or was it acting dumb in her response below:
Ay pila ba to, ay sorry ha? Gusto nyo akong pumila, balik ako sa pila? Sobrang bagal ba?" (Oh there’s a line, so sorry? Do you want me to fall in line, go back in line? Is it too slow?)
You would think she would have made the motion to accede to the peoples appeal but just the same went past the banana cue errr queue and proceeded to vote ahead of the mortals.

If there are losers like Loren Legarda, there are also winners like soon to be president sweetheart Shalani Soledad. Like Noynoy Aquino who dutifully suffered for 3 hours with the people and waited patiently in line. Now that is discipline and leading by example, definitely a nice person and lady like when some rude voter chided her for assuming she will do a Loren Legarda by cutting in front of them. This was after some people offered her their spot to which she politely refused. I wonder how Loren Legarda will react if she was the recipient of this rude remark below:
Walang konsehal konsehal dito, pumila kayo (Being a councilor does not count for anything here. You should line up), the incensed woman said, directly addressing Soledad.
Shalani Soledad is definitely a winner, instead of throwing around her weight she politely explained that she has no intention of cutting the line when technically she was not as she was offered the spot, meaning the one who offered their spot will go behind the original spot of Soledad. That particular irate voter is definitely a loser and a hot headed rude one at that surely has no idea what courtesy and being courteous is all about or must be a Loren Legarda voter.

Jojo Binay’s unexpected surge to the top instead of going further down the 3rd spot is one bizarre winner, is it his new found “Chick Boy” image or was it courtesy of the Chizzy one? Mar Roxas if the tally trend continues seems bound to lose but the biggest loser here is Korina Sanchez who was dragged into the muck of scandals of the past if true which is really doubtful has no relevance to Mar’s election bid but just the same seems destined to suffer the consequence of Korina's past. A past true or not where they were not involved romantically at the time and hopefully the voters did not drop him in favor of a self-admitted "Choc errr Chick Boy."

Another winner by knockout is our boxing idol Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao by all indications seems to be on the road to pork barrel land. Is it a victory against the political dynasty? Not exactly because his win was just against one in the Chiongbian political family so entrenched in the province politics but the bigger question is will this be the signal for a Paquaio political dynasty…… as in who is next to ruin errr run for elective position, Mommy Dionesia Pacquiao?

Meanwhile in a small town in Nabua, Camarines Sur the trapos seems to be winning at the expense of the people and the cheap ignorant voters who can be had for a measly P300.00 (US$6.00+), a can of sardines, and 2 kilos of rice in exchange for their vote. The people know that the going rate is P500.00 but leave it to the ingenuity of the Barangay Captains (village chiefs) who they suspect pocketed the difference. The people of Nabua are hoping that their plight is noticed by the mainstream media with the hope that those responsible for vote buying are exposed and ultimately brought to court for the travesty.

If you think the incident in nabua is terrible wait till you see what the Los Banos police are doing to the people protesting vote buying... they are manhandling and arresting them. They are treated like criminals and like insane mental asylum escapees mistakenly given a gun and a badge are out protecting the rights of the suspects..... no not reading the Miranda rights of those apprehended but escorting buses owned by an influential candidate loaded with people accused of being flying voters.

With Joseph "Erap" Ejercito Estrada unbelievable surging at the polls emerging as a major contender against Noynoy Aquino over Money Villaroyo errrr Manny Villar treating his run as a vindication for his conviction, the biggest loser here is the Philippine Jury System advocacy. His numbers are up and if he gathers 25 to 30% of the total votes it will mean one thing..... for every 10 voting age Filipinos who are qualified to act as jury should this system gets the peoples approval it means that 3 people are so ignorant of the laws who will release the guilty as hell perpetrators as they cannot tell what is right from wrong....... Fer cryin out loud which part of Erap was guilty of plunder and who robbed us blind did they not understand for them to vote for him knowing he wants said ridiculous vindication?

While there are promising signs there are also worrisome incidents, the bigger question is will the people of the Philippines come out as the big winner in this election remains a big question mark. How we move forward after this election will depend largely of the leadership of those elected and the willingness of the people to follow through with action and vigilance.

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