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Losers in the Philippine 2010 Presidential Contest Cries Hocus PCOS Electoral Fraud?

Only in the Philippines where unsubstantiated serious allegations makes it to the madaya errr media, are the media people forgetting that their job and duty to the public is to report the truth? Even supermarket tabloids in the US at times come out with accurate stories with reliable source complete with photo images like that of John Edwards’s scandal. Something unexpected considering tabloids are mostly about gossips and yet they do their due diligence at times, can we say the same when it comes to the Philippine media? I suspect the practice of AC-DC ATM Journalism will explain why they are so loose like a woman of ill refute in airing or going to press with obvious lies or unsubstantiated allegations.
The Philippine 2010 presidential election is one bitterly fought contest with only Noynoy Aquino coming out as a clear winner but of course losers even known cheaters will cry foul, back not by compelling evidence but pure allegations relying on the public's gullibility to validate their claims via gossips. There is no question that the recently held election was not without fraud, but what is astonishing is the fixation on zeroing in on the Automated Electronic System (AES), and yet no attention is given on the wholesale vote buying and flying voters. What, cheating only applies to the one who won with a very convincing landslide and those who openly cheated abusing their position and influence to violate election laws are not covered by the indignation?

Amando Doronila's Wild Card sums up the results quite accurately below:
The results also wreaked havoc on the credibility of the media’s prolific pundit industry, with many of its commentators eating crow and expressing profuse regrets for their “fearless forecasts.” This bacchanalia of feasting on humble pie usually happens when political commentators go beyond the facts and write passionate commentaries of what they “want to happen.” Hubris is not the monopoly of politician in power; it also afflicts the commentating industry, and intoxicates journalists who appear to believe that they make the news and that the events are shaped by their accounts as eyewitnesses of unfolding events.
Indeed, Doronilla has a very valid point in his observation that pangits errr pundits are going beyond the facts as in stretching or outright lying to be precise. Why they do that is not exactly about these nut jobs having a huge ego because in the end they get exposed and yet they persist without remorse on dissing out lies.

Now why does it not surprise me when Belinda Olivares-Cunanan is the first to give credence to a “whistle blower resembling a Koala Bear?” She was also gung-ho on the forged psychological report on Noynoy Aquino who did not bother to check the veracity of the faked documents. Cunanan did not just went along with it but even added more spurious claims that was proven time and again to be false or outright lies by her diligent colleagues.

15 million she reports is the number of ballots supposedly manipulated by the Electronic Garci Hocus PCOS syndicate, uhhhh psssst Bhel, I am selling Villar’s C-5 for P50/KM but I am willing to go low to P20/KM, would you like to buy it? 15 million, that is about the same figure that Noynoy Aquino will get, so is Bhel Cunanan mathematically challenged just like the dagdag/bawas (add/subtract) backdoor operators? 15 million is 3 times Manalo’s Iglesia ni Kristo (INK) 5 million solid votes and you can see how most if not all the politicians treats the sex errr sect like heaven sent. Don’t you think “koala bear” along with his Hocus PCOS syndicate cohorts with what they have to offer will be treated like god and no one will dare double cross them? How may I ask in the name of Garci is it physically possible to print 15 million ballots without getting noticed? We are talking of 15 million more additional ballots comprising 40% of the total votes when the printing of legitimate ballots did not make it on time requiring the Comelec to add more printing machines?

If the Comelec has to extend the voting because it was physically impossible to accommodate 1,000 voters per machine and here is Cunanan talking about 15 million ballot switching? Assuming we raised the number to 10,000 a very high improbable number instead of just the 1,000 since we can have one person doing all the shading and one person inserting the ballots, under time constraint you will need a whole village or even a province and not just 60 machines they found in Antipolo to do the trick of inserting 15 million switched ballots. Give me a break, if we are believe this telling story a lie it will not be very difficult to find other koala bears as this involves quite a number of people. who I suppose would like some payback of sorts for the double cross and will have no problem corroborating the allegations if indeed it was legitimate. I have no idea if the intent was to amuse us, but to say that it was the administration candidates that was targeted for the Hocus PCOS sleight of hand is just preposterous, the original Garci beneficiary is the victim? Same argument used by the Comelec 3 stooges in ruling that Among Ed cheated the Mother of Jueteng, I don't know about you but I think that the koala bear and those who readily believe his tall tale ought to see a psychiatrist pronto.

The clincher here is when koala bear claims that Manny Villar was too cheap thus he did not use the "services" he was offered. This reeks of stupidity. For one how come it is only now that Villar is saying that this is disturbing? If Villar has no problem pressuring Aquino to take a psychiatric test even if it was an outright lie, don't you think he would have exposed these anomalies ahead of koala bear instead of appearing surprised? That does not add up and this really makes one think who and where this story telling a lie is coming from? People who treats lies and forged documents as if they discovered a gold mine are the most likely suspects behind the shenanigans, wouldn't you agree?

DJ Bocobo can’t contain himself back then and it tells a lot on Bhel Cunanan’s math wizardry, to quote:
Philippine Daily Inquirer's Bhel Cunanan, who writes the OpEd column Political Tidbits (far too many times every week for public sanity and credulity) is the reigning maven of Palace crony apologists in the elite ranks of the demagagosphere, and proves her lockhold on that dubious distinction in her Monday piece, Nine Million Hits for Sigaw Website.
Are we supposed to listen to one who seems to have the propensity to exaggerate by the millions her Singaw ng Bayan website having 9 million hits when it was not even close to what they actually got and what was her basis in believing koala bear? Bhel Cunanan says he seems to know the process so he is believable, heck just because one seems to know the process it does not follow that he is legit. This is just like that guy from Mandaluyong Mental Hospital errr resident who came out with a forged psychology document on Noynoy Aquino and the idiots in the media including Cunanan scrambled to air his story telling a lie without checking the veracity of the claims. Instead of dismissing it and wasting air time on outrageous lies the media despite knowing that it was a fabrication still aired it, shades of ATM journalism I suppose.

Now why am I not surprised that Manny Villar is the first to seize on the opportunity to taint and put in question Aquino’s landslide victory in the guise of being concerned? Liars will of course flock together and without any solid evidence Erap Estrada’s accusation that Villar is a liar is indeed holding up.

Funny but on the first day of the Congressional hearing on electoral fraud it is looking more like a loser’s convention. There is noting wrong in investigating fraud because it does exist as old habits die hard but in order to succeed hard evidence is required and not innuendos or questionable nut jobs looking like a koala bear with allegations that defy logic where one has to be insane to buy their fallacious claims.

If Congress bungled the Garci scandal where strong evidence was presented, do these losers expect a different outcome? How about not being selective and investigate all these frauds once and for all, oh wait they can’t do that because there is a possibility that some if not most will lose their job for violating electoral laws ranging from campaign overspending, source of campaign funds as in jueteng and other illegal activities where they fund politicians acting as their protector or even owning the shady enterprises, vote buying etc……….

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