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The Rise of Lying Columnists...... Ignorant Goebbel Clones or Mental Case?

I can understand when Mahar Mangahas says that ignorant columnists may not be TRO'd for writing what is beyond their intellectual capacity because it is their right to express their opinion even if they make a fool of themselves. True, it is not for the court's to decide what liepapers errr newspaper kotonglist ooops I meant columnist ought to write. But what if it was outright lies and outrageously fallacious commentaries that they knowingly and deliberately pass off as news? If that is the case why do unsubstantiated bordering on the manufacturing of bogus documents complete with forged signature on the outrageous allegations get passed their editor? Is the editor of the same mildew errr mold oops I meant their editor's sleeping on the job or is it something else? What about the publisher, are they not concerned that they will have credibility issues if their journalists are not exactly abiding by ethical journalistic standard practice allowing it to see print?

Unfortunately during election season there appears to be a high incidence of bogus unsubstantiated allegations coming from liepapers errr news outfit. One such standout is Manila Standard. It makes one wonder why the owners and publishers allow their columnist to write not just embellished articles to favor candidates whose PR firms “reached out” to them, but outright lies presenting bogus documentations to attack candidates that does not include them in their PR payroll list. Is it because we are in a very corrupted society that for the right price, columnist of the ATM kind will have no problem lying since they consider their readers to be so gullible to the point of being dumb and stupid. Perhaps they would rather have a distinct pesonality than credibility since everyone's a crook anyway. Under that scenario and being a "proud citizen" in the only Christian dominated nation in the Far East they have no problem rationalizing their wrong doings with the often used quote from the bible on those without sins to cast the first stone. Yeah, how dare "holier than thou people" judge them........ they are answerable to no one but their shrink errr their pockets.

One that I notice earlier on was Jojo Robles of Manila Satandard (sorry for the typo but in the interest of time I think we can let it pass since it is really apt, lol) coming out with commentary wherein he leaves basic facts to pass off his story telling a lie as newsworthy commentary. Knowing something's fishy with his assertions I sent Leah Navarro the article and asked for her comment which I quote below:

Political Jaywalker November 9, 2009 at 1:01pm

Is there any truth to this accusation of Jojo Robles on gerrymandering? If true any rational explanation why this is different from the one in Camarines that Mr. Aquino opposed?

When survey leader Senator Noynoy Aquino went to the Supreme Court recently to oppose the creation of a new congressional district in Camarines Sur, some people in the province of Bulacan couldn’t believe their ears. Was this the same Noynoy Aquino, they asked, who orchestrated the carving out of the new congressional district of Malolos, despite the same legal infirmities he now accuses the proponents of the Camarines initiative of having?
Leah Navarro November 9, 2009 at 3:20pm Reply

Hi PJ, please consider that as of August '07, Malolos already had a population of over 223K. The NSO has said that by the time the district gets to elect its rep, it will have reached over 250k. Now, as for Cam Sur, the NSO certified the proposed district only has a population of 176,383 and the sponsor didn't ask the agency to provide a projection that the population in the area would hit 250k by 2010. there are several historical precedents that Mr. Robles should have checked out - at the time a law was passed to form a new congressional district in Paranaque in December 2003, it had a population of over 449k, but the NSO projection for 2004 placed population at over 508k by the time elections came around.

Political Jaywalker November 10, 2009 at 12:25pm

Thanks for the prompt response Leah........ now I am wondering why Jojo Robles did not do his due diligence, he being a journalist.
Leah Navarro November 10, 2009 at 3:01pm Reply

I guess everyone has their biases, and can be selective in their research. :-)
I never paid attention anymore and wanting to give Jojo Robles the benefit of the doubt that it must have been just one of those "honest" mistakes. No one is perfect as I naively thought what it was, but upon reading Raissa Robles (not related to Jojo Robles) blog on the bogus mental illness of Noynoy, there it is, one of the cuckoos involved in spreading shameless lies was Jojo Robles copy pasting in his kotong err column one of the fake psycho babble from a non-existent classmate of Noynoy Aquino. A validation of Leah Navarro’s contention on Robles bias but on being selective in his research, I believe Leah Navarro was being polite. Any right thinking or sane journalist will not copy paste an obvious black propaganda, and worse fails in his basic duty as a journalist to verify the accuracy of what he writes or in this case copy paste, LOL since all 3 psycho report turns out to be fake.

Ethical journalist maybe be an extinct specie during the electoral madness where money and lots of them change hands. Thanks to ethical journalist like Raissa Robles the likes of Jojo Robles are exposed for their bogus irresponsible allegations being peddled as news when it was fed to them by the dirty tricks department of the opposing trapo camp.

So what prompts a journalist to make a fool of themselves when they deliberately write outright lies in their column? If they admit they did not do any research then they are incompetent and should be fired, but if they can lie in their column we can’t expect them to admit their incompetence. So is it because they are seeing things and therefore need to seek professional medical psychiatric help? Or is it because that is the nature of the beast known as the…..AC DC ATM journalist having no integrity whatsoever has nothing to lose anyway in a society that seems to go insane during election season. Ok, I am sure you did not like that but how do you explain the irrational highly partisan nature of the election fueled by sheer emotions based not on the candidates platform but on their personality and other irrelevant perceptions?

If you think Jojo Robles is one of the worse columnists among the flock who flew over the cuckoos nest, Carmen Navarro-Pedrosa beats them all to the draw. The woman truly sees things where none exist and went crazy errr over the top by organizing and leading fellow cuckoos in a supposedly new “citizens group” called Citizens for Right of Information (CFRI) calling on Liberal Party standard-bearer Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III to submit to a psychological exam. Now that’s a gas, but seriously just like the other “source” of Noynoy Aquino’s “mental instability” who lives inside Mandaluyong (no I did not say inside Mandaluyong Mental Hospital, lol) city, a “self-proclaimed” Villar supporter who I suspect are the one’s who should submit themselves to a psychiatric evaluation. Not that it is of public importance but at the way they conduct themselves they should seriously consider doing so to reduce the risk of being a danger to themselves and the public.

Is Carmen Navarro-Pedrosa seeing things like Jojo Robles? Is this a case of liars believing their own lies and if that is the case should we not question their sanity? Why in the name of Mandaluyong Mental Hospital will she insist and even “organize” and “lead” a “citizens group” based on three fake psychiatric mambo jumbo and many more to come from the camp of equally mentally unstable political dirty tricks department as a basis for their "advocacy" is just preposterous.
If there is anyone that should undergo psychological test, I believe it has to be them and of course Gloria Arroyo and her cohorts. It just makes sense to do so in order to assure that their rights are not violated in making sure they are mentally competent to stand trial.

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