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Gov. Ed ‘Among Ed’ Panlilio Ousted by the Comelec 3 Stooges’

Only in Pampanga the Jueteng Capital of the Philippines where miracles do happen, no not the biblical one, but courtesy of the 3 stooges’ of the Comelec 2nd division. The jokers unseated a man of the cloth Ed Among Ed Panlilio as Pampanga Governor for cheating.

The Comelec Second Division, yes the very same people who discriminated against Ang Ladlad like a Neo-Con/Talibani extremist headed by Comelec Commissioner Nicodemo Ferrer with members Comelec Commissioners Lucenito Tagle and Elias Yusoph found sufficient ‘merit’ in Lilia Pineda’s electoral protest.

Once again just like the ruling they handed against Isabela Governor Grace Padaca the 3 stooges’ handed down their ridiculous 11,000 pages decision that in effect branded the man of god of cheating and harassment of voters. What kind of a decision will take11,000 pages is just beyond comprehension, thanks and no thanks to the digital world they have found a new tool to make life miserable for people out of favor or opposing the administratong.

Well, as proven in Isabela Governor Grace Padaca’s ouster where their ruling was literally lifted or should we say copy pasted from the petitioners lawyers documentation that took thousand of pages requiring volunteers to go through the documents full of inconsistencies, errors and worse page duplication. I suspect it will be the same scenario with these 11,000 pages, a ploy to discourage filing of a motion to reconsider because of time constraint which they the stooges’ errr 2nd division alone can decide if they will give them a 2 to 5 days extension. Of course Ferrer acting as if they are stickler for rules and procedures has already voiced out that they will deny the request because they are “bound” by the rules of procedure.

Lilia Pineda the wife of alleged Jueteng Lord Bong Pineda of all things accused Among Ed a man of the cloth of cheating and harassing the voters. How exactly did he harass the voters if I may ask? Did Among Ed shove the bible in their faces and told them they will burn in hell if they vote for former Buko (coconut) vendor turned politician “philanthropist’ as in doling out crumbs to the poor people of Pampanga courtesy of her husband the alleged Jueteng Lord Bong Pineda’s thriving “business.” Did the supporters of former buko vendor and his armed bodyguards cower and trembling hysterically in fear like little baby girls at the site of Among Ed thinking they will be condemned in hell?

I say enough of the madness and call for the impeachment of these rouges out to sabotage the will of the people.

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