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A Video Appeal of the Burgos Family to End Impunity

5 years and 338 days of searching for Jonas "Jay Jay" Burgos a picture surfaced that appears to have been taken after his abduction. A picture indeed is worth a thousand words and in it you can almost sense how Jonas sees his dire situation sensing his doomed fate in the hands of his captors.

If this administration is really serious in leading us towards the narrow straight path of righteousness they should start with ending impunity and state sanctioned terrorist activities of abducting and extra-judicial summary execution of political dissenters by military scalawags.

Mr. President, we hate to see you miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity to change the course of history towards building a just, fair, and humane society that upholds the democratic ideals and principles of which your parents were a major contributor. Let us remind the President Noynoy Aquino that her mother the late President Cory Aquino was one of the first to come up with a statement of concern in May 2, 2007:
I view with the deepest concern the disappearance and apparent abduction by unknown forces of the farmer-activist Jonas Joseph Burgos, son of the late world press freedom fighter Jose Burgos Jr. who lit our paths in the dark, long years of martial rule.

I appeal to the highest authorities of the land to send the clear signal to the field, that Jonas Burgos must be surfaced immediately by whoever is holding him, and that no harm must come to him. If any organs of the state has a case whatsoever against him, we believe that Jonas must be allowed to defend himself in court, and not become part of the statistics of the disappeared and others who have fallen victim to extrajudicial punishment in these troubled times.

I pray for the safety of Jonas and that of the rest of the family of Joe Burgos.

May Our Lord have mercy on them!
The discovery of the picture that appears to have been taken right after his abduction is a good start that could lead to more information in finally knowing the whereabouts or in finding out if Jonas is still alive which we hope against hope that he is still with us.

Arresting Gen. Jovito Palparan will show the administration's seriousness in pursuing the narrow straight path. Their continued failure to arrest Palparan who could probably shed light on Burgos disappearance is a direct insult to the administrations straight narrow path of righteousness making a mockery and reducing it into an empty shallow worthless slogan for the gullible.

It is understandable that the late President Cory Aquino can only make an appeal because she was not the incumbent anymore but the inmate Gloria Arroyo but you Mr. President Noynoy Aquino is the the incumbent with 3 more years if we can borrow what your sister allegedly says to Yap. You can order the arrest and a thorough investigation to spare Editha Burgos the mother of Jonas the time, effort, money, and agony in filing cases with the high which is not cheap in finding out what happened to her son.
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