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Just Thinking Aloud…. On the Sabah Issue

If only our Muslim brothers in the southern Philippines will listen I am tempted to write them an open letter. But what the heck, silly as it is, I might as well and here it goes:
If this was in the Tagalog region they probably will frown on this one, LOL.

Dear MILF,

Getting your autonomous region in the peace agreement is not enough in lifting your people out of poverty.

I also hope you know that the real enemy here is the greedy Malaysian leaders who really do not care how many people get killed in the never ending conflict. 200k lives lost so far to them are just numbers and with the peace agreement there is really no guarantee that violence will end because Umbra Kato is still out there with his own "breakaway" group. Sounds familiar is it not? I know I don’t have to rub it in that you were once a breakaway group also of Nur Misuari’s MNLF which also has another breakaway group again. Of course Malaysian leaders and their so-called “peace broker” really don’t care how many breakaway groups there is because they can always play the "hero" once again owing to the subservient greedy trapos too busy pillaging the nation’s coffers that they don’t see the big picture. I hope you know that their peace brokering was just a ploy for you people to stay disunited so that you don't have enough time on your hands to contemplate reclaiming Sabah.

I know you are not just about power or having a power trip, all these efforts has a lot to do with the plight of the Moro People. So why are you people not uniting for a common cause which makes it easier to uplift your people out of poverty? Imagine a united MILF, MNLF, Sulu Sultanate, all the other Sultanates, and Umbra Kato's group going for a common cause and objective of reclaiming Sabah.

Let's face it, fighting the Philippine government is a futile exercise that will just add more death and miseries (not because you may not win) because after the never ending plunder of the trapos there is really nothing to gain from that war. Yeah we know that this is not about defeating the Philippine government but all about autonomy or was it independence? Well, if you really are serious about development and lifting our Moro people out of poverty the autonomous region is really not enough, what with the destruction and absence of infrastructure due to the never ending conflict. The only way to improve the rate of success is to have Sabah included in the autonomous region, but in order to gain the advantage it will take a lot of work and unity of purpose.

Let us hope that all the warring factions realized by now that their real enemy is not the Philippine government but the greedy Malaysian leaders. The Sultanate of Sulu seems to have seen the big picture by now and they are coming up with a unified stand on Sabah. It will be great if all the warring factions will also contemplate and think hard on how to settle their differences and unite for a common cause. If only the MILF, MNLF, Umbra Kato’s breakaway group but forget about the terrorist Abu Sayyaf, all the other Sultanate and clans including the Sulu Sultanate uniting to recover Sabah, we just might have a happy ending instead of winning temporarily winning the battle but eventually losing the war.

Right now public opinion is on the Sulu Sultan's favor, if the rest of the population sees a united front among the Bangsa Moro people, is it likely the majority of the people in Luzon and Visayas will also unite with the Bangsa Moro people? I think it is and once that happens,, the greedy Malaysian leaders will have a fight in its dirty hand.

Yours truly,

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