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Palparan on the Run Evading Peoples Manhunt

Support the call of the mothers of Sherlyn Cadapan and Karen Empeño for a PEOPLE’S MANHUNT for Palparan! JAIL PALPARAN! JUSTICE FOR ALL VICTIMS OF HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS!

The End Impunity Alliance, a network of victims of human rights violations, human rights defenders and civil libertarians, today called on all netizens, especially Facebook users, to help the mothers of Sherlyn Cadapan and Karen Empeno to attain justice for their missing daughters by participating in the “People’s Manhunt” for Ret. Major General Jovito Palparan and his co-accused M/Sgt. Rizal Hilario through posting on their profiles the “Wanted: Palparan” poster released by Karapatan, Desaparecidos and Hustisya. (poster attached)

“The internet is venue for supporting many causes including this very important quest for justice of the mothers of the two disappeared UP students. All netizens are enjoined to post this poster on their profiles to make known to internet users the face and name of this notorious human rights violator and seek information on his whereabouts to cause his immediate arrest,” said Cristina Palabay, convenor of End Impunity Alliance.

The call for “People’s Manhunt” was issued by the mothers last December 21, after warrants of arrest were issued by Branch 14 of the Malolos City Regional Trial Court in Bulacan. The warrants came after the Department of Justice found probable cause on the charges of kidnapping and serious illegal detention filed by Erlinda Cadapan and Concepcion Empeno, mothers of the 2 UP students. The criminal case was filed by the mothers in May 2011.

On December 19, Palparan was not allowed to take the flight from Clark International Airport to Singapore. The Bureau of Immigration likewise released a hold departure order for Palparan and his cohorts. Two of Palparan’s co-accused, Lt. Col. Felipe Anotado and Staff Sergeant Edgardo Osorio have surrendered to authorities, while Palparan and Hilario remains at large.

In using the poster in their profiles, netizens are also requested to post this short note: “Support the call of Sherlyn and Karen's mothers for a PEOPLE'S MANHUNT for Palparan! JAIL PALPARAN! JUSTICE FOR ALL VICTIMS OF HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS! Use this profile picture to spread the word about the need to arrest one of the most notorious human rights violators.”

“Three days after the warrants of arrest against Palparan et al, he has evaded accountability by trying to leave the country and by being a fugitive. We call on the public to help the victims’ mothers by giving information which is not only an exercise of vigilance and compassion, but an act, however small it may be, in making perpetrators pay for their high crimes against the victims and the Filipino people. Ending impunity in the country, when state institutions have been remiss in pursuing justice and accountability, rests on the people’s advocacy and struggle for genuine democracy and freedom,” Palabay further said.

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