"In societies where Robbing Hoods are treated like a celebrity it is but natural to expect political parties to act like a Mafia syndicate" Political Jaywalker "In a nation where corruption is endemic people tend to confuse due process with aiding and abetting criminals" Political Jaywalker "War doesn't determine who is right, war determines who is left" Bertrand Russell "You have just one flash flood of money, you keep your people poor. It's like a time bomb and it's scary" Philippine Lawmaker

Media Presstitution in the Philippines the Enablers of Political Dynasty

The non-debate on Political Dynasty Part 2 & 3, conclusion of part 1.
"In societies where Robbing Hoods are treated like a celebrity it is but natural to expect political parties to act like a Mafia syndicate." - Political Jaywalker
Now why do society view such perversion to be normal can be traced to what could have been a noble intention gone awry that started the very first day the dictator was chased out of Malacanang Palace. What is ironic is that shallowness seems to dictate the sentiment of the perennial complainers looking at the surface readily blames what they thought brought us to where we are. Can we blame them when the media can’t help themselves in presstituting their profession adding to the confusion and dumbing down of the people?

Let’s face it, when the dictators was deposed there are people who immediately went on mimicking the very people the EDSA “revolutionist” loathe and right away established their stranglehold in their own turf. One would think that replacing a 2 party political system with a multi-party political system would have leveled the political playing field, providing access equitably among the citizens especially with the inclusion of the party list and prohibition of political dynasty.

The constitutional provision on the prohibition of political dynasty requires the lawmakers to define political dynasty and to what degree of consanguinity and affinity is covered by legislating and passing an enabling law to that effect. No ifs no buts about it and it is as simple as it can get and yet some media practitioners in presstituting their profession would rather misinform and play dumb as if it was the most mysterious and complicated subject they have encountered all their life. Instead of informing the public on the failure of the lawmakers to pass an enabling law for the past 25 years they are acting as the enablers of the trapos in rationalizing the proliferation of political dynasty. In effect when the media goes on presstituting their profession they drug errr drag along the gullible public into enabling politicians to transform the multi-party political system into a family political dynasty system thus the absence of any sensible ideology or platform of governance.

In part 2 of the PTV4 political dynasty forum Enrile states it is difficult to understand and the framers of the constitution did not know what they want thus they left it to the lawmakers to define what they can’t comprehend, LOL. The difficulty is not how political dynasty is to be defined but the opposition coming from people with vested interest already raring to set up their own political dynasty in their respective turf on having the prohibition included in the constitution.

Dynasty he states originated with the monarchy but our dynasty is different because the people are the one's appointing them and not by a single person or the king. True dynasties are built thru the electoral system but under a system where whoever has the guns, goons, and gold in a personality and patronage based electoral contest determines who has the upper hand and the likely winner. If it was indeed the people or the boss as Pres. Noynoy Aquino says that determines the outcome of the electoral contest can someone please explain why the likes of parricidal maniac convict Ruben Ecleo, pedophile convict Romeo Jalosjos, and the mass murderer Ampatuan clan are unbeatable in the electoral process?

Funny how Enrile complains about the absence of a clear cut definition what constitute political dynasty and will support it if there is one. As if to up the ante even says he is willing to retire or resign if there is a law and even blames the framers of the constitution for leaving it to the lawmakers to define the law. Perhaps that’s a typical reaction from people who knew exactly what was needed but refuses to take action because the longer they violate the constitution the longer it becomes acceptable and give a false sense of hopelessness that it can never be done.

The state of our pathetic political system where political dynasty proliferates and getting stronger when it is prohibited by the constitution was best described even though as a joke by JC de los Reyes an Ang Kapatiran Party (AKP) senatorial candidate:
“Political dynasty is government privatization at its best.”
While Lito Yap David also of AKP brought up the people’s initiative on their proposed bill defining political dynasty 6 months ago with the Comelec and wrote them recently has not been acted upon. He further states that our feudal system stunts our progress that serves as a breeding ground for political dynasty.

Former VP Teofisto Guingona warns that there is a potential for seventy (70) families to control the Philippines which is the very reason why the state guarantees equal access to public service. Of course any student of politics in the Philippines will tell you that members of the ruling elites of the political dynasty will not give it up without a fight.

Conrado de Quiroz will of course insist on his flawed logic that there is no need for a law ignoring the constitutional provision and assert further that culture tramps laws, LOL. He must have been referring to the trapos with Mafiosi culture that is so prevalent with the criminal minded and culpable violators of the constitution. Just because they are culpable violators of the constitution repeatedly for the past 25 years does not make it right or legal, calling a criminal by any other name is still a criminal, LOL.

Eden Co one of the panelists while acknowledging the fact that the prohibition of political dynasty was the result of the anti-oligarchy and dictatorship sentiments at that time. It was surprising for her though that the constitution is very “vocal” on political dynasty prohibition and other nations never banned them. She must have been hinting at the rights and freedom of citizens to run for public office while ignoring the very reason why political dynasty is prohibited, for the state to guarantee equal access to public service.

As if this forum was not boring enough part 3 truly dumb down anyone who watched it, LOL.

Bam Aquino the brilliant wannabe clone to the late Benigno Aquino laments the cost of getting elected and urge as if daring people to define political dynasty now. Either he lacks manurity errr maturity acting like a child, or blinded by his desire to be a senator that he becomes so ignorant not knowing that the people can’t define or pass the law. The only time the people can do this is through the people’s initiative route of getting 3% of the voter’s signature in a petition for a referendum with a proposed bill defining political dynasty.

Atty. Jennifer Atienza brought out the problem of no one really follows the campaign financing limit. There's a lot of confusion because it was not defined she further states. Hmmmmn, seems like there is a pattern here of violating whatever laws there is when it comes to laws that makes it difficult for political dynasties to get elected is it not?

Malaking kalapastangan sounds more forceful than the English word disrespect, and that is exactly how Lito Yap David described the aberration on political dynasty.

Conrado de Quiroz is so out of it even agreeing with Bam Aquino on the uneven political playing field by enacting laws making turncoats illegal. Duh, if lawmakers can't come up with a simple enabling law defining political dynasty for the past 25 years what makes him think it will be easy to enact his pet law? LOL

Edna Co states the obvious on the power of the media, by having more substance and direction. Well, this forum is a classic example of lacking in direction and purpose since they start with a wrong premise asking whether there is a need for a law when it was enshrined in the constitution.

Bam says he believes that the Filipino people are intelligent enough to choose the right candidates and that some candidates see their candidacy as an avocation. Really, why are you running if that is the case? One who sees it as an avocation will of course examine where he is at in that equation especially in the context of prohibited political dynasty.

If there is anything that was useful in this forum it is non-other than learning that AKP has started the people’s initiative through a signed petition to have a referendum on a proposed bill defining political dynasty. We can always use the election to mobilize and organize the people in gathering pledges to vote only candidates who will commit to passing enabling laws. While we know that the likely chance of success is nil it will be the start of consensus building in preparation for the signature gathering for a referendum on a people’s initiative for a referendum on the a proposed enabling law defining political dynasty. Now if only the medial will have some "direction," no actually we just need them to stop the presstitution and call it what it is instead of telling us that the prohibition of political dynasty is complicated when it was not.

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