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The non-debate on Political Dynasty at PTV4 Part 1

The question or the debate should not be about whether political dynasty is right or wrong, it should be what’s taking them all these years to define up to what degree of consanguinity and affinity is legal or outlawed?

Perhaps, one just get impatient when watching TV anchors talk about political dynasty on the idiot box giving one the strange feeling of getting transported to the land of the dumb. Now why will they start on a wrong premise if there is a need or not for a law on political dynasty? First of all it is not a question of whether a law is needed or not because political dynasty is prohibited that is clearly spelled out in the Philippine Constitution under Article II, Section 26 which states:

“The state shall guarantee equal access to public service and prohibit political dynasty as may be defined by law.”

In case they are not aware the constitution is where the fundamental political principles on which a state is governed, especially when considered as embodying the rights of the subjects of that state. So when the constitution says as may be defined by law and the lawmakers fail or rather openly violate and ignore for the past 25 years passing the enabling law they are in effect guilty of culpable violation of the constitution. Remember that guy with a coterie of gratis high priced lawyers who vehemently protects his right to privacy on his US Dollar bank account? Yeah, he was impeached and fired for culpable violation of the constitution and who are those who filed the complaint and tried former thief este chief justice Renato Corona? Oh yeah, the same people who for the past 25 years failed and openly are in culpable violation of the constitution repeatedly running for office as if politics is a family entrepreneurial business profit center.

Don’t get me wrong here, I believe impeaching and firing CJ Renato Corona for culpable violation of the constitution is not just the politically correct thing to do but even very morally right on all levels. The problem is all these so-called right political moves becomes a joke and loses its luster and credibility that only strengthen the highly partisan mindset of the people because we seem to enforce it selectively, particularly to the enemies of whoever at that time is in power.
So when Conrado de Quiroz insist that we don’t need a law against political dynasty, he is so wrong on that point. If the prohibition on political dynasty is written in the constitution it is not a matter of whether some individual or sectors want the law or not. It is the fundamental law of the land that we need to abide by and follow or we are in culpable violation of the constitution. If it is enshrined in the constitution, the longer they fail to pass an enabling law defining political dynasty the longer we exacerbate peace and order and people without discipline. The longer they fail to pass a law the more it gets more attractive for the criminal minded to run for public office not mindful of the fact, that it is definitely a cause for the lawmakers’ disqualification for their open defiance and culpable violation of the constitution.

Now what’s wrong with the other premise brought forth by Conrado De Quiroz that having a law against political dynasty is wrong since it infringes on the rights of a person who happens to have the same family name or was it their fault to be born into the political family dynasty? There is nothing wrong being born into a political dynasty since they are not given a choice at birth, that is a given. What is wrong is the concentration of economic and political power to a certain political clan growing into a political dynasty because our political system is based on personality and patronage. It is this concentration of power that the state is preventing thus the prohibition of political dynasty to guarantee equal access to public service to all on an equal footing. One has to remember that an individual’s rights and freedoms stops when it infringes on others and clearly without the prohibition political position becomes a monopoly that denies others equal access to be in public service.

Unfortunately they misread or fail to grasp or perhaps playing dumb on a very simple constitutional provision that is anchored on the state guaranteeing equal access to public service. The state cannot guarantee equal access unless we have a level political playing field and when the system allows political and economic power to concentrate in a single family in a locality it shuts the door of opportunity to others, Meaning other deserving genuine qualified leaders with integrity will not be able to compete in the electoral process where goons, guns, and gold determine the winners decisively. Political contest should be decided on which party and candidate offers the type of good governance based on sound and pragmatic political platforms that the voters believe will help them move towards a better tomorrow.

It is not a question of whether a political dynasty is good or bad but it is a question of following the constitution that political dynasty is prohibited; now how difficult was that to understand?

Do we really want change for the better or do we just want to whine and complain even though we know these politicians will not hear of it because they are just too dense. Look at this Bam Aquino who insists on having a definition now of what prostitute errr constitute a political dynasty, well hello anyone home? Bam Aquino is a bright intelligent man, a successful entrepreneur and yet plays dumb while trying to mimic his uncle all the way to his eyeglasses. There’s a rumor going around that Bam’s eyeglasses is just a spectacle with no grade, LOL but let’s give the impersonator wannabe the benefit of the doubt. Really Bam, define it now? You know it takes the lower and upper house of Lolong este congress to make that happen, but what is so obvious is you are turning to be a trapo even before you start your political career. Aquino’s co-panelist JC de los Reyes and Lito Yap David senatorial candidates of Ang Kapatiran Party was very clear on this in case he missed it I am repeating it again, in the absence of an enabling law it’s all about delicadeza.

A strong anti-political dynasty movement is truly what we need especially for this coming 2013 election where we can organize and mobilize supporters to vote out political dynasty through a voters pledge to vote only candidates who will commit to pass enabling law defining political dynasty. We also have a choice to support Ang Kapatiran Party in their petition using RA 6735 with the Commission on Elections seeking the latter’s approval on the form of a Petition for the enactment of a national legislation, the Anti-Dynasty Act, through a people’s initiative. There is also the Supreme Court Petition led by former VP Teofisto Guingona to force congress to pass an enabling law and then we also have the tedious option of petitioning for their disqualification for culpable violation of the constitution or how about the other petition at  for the SC to define it themselves. So many choices out there but we can’t defeat political dynasty by sitting on our behind whining, we must act now or forever see the worsening state of politics getting owned by a few family for their piggy plunder bank……..........

Conclusion Part 2 & 3 Media Presstitution in the Philippines the Enablers of Political Dynasty

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