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Assumption College Alumni Letter Campaign against Bullying and Gun Poking at CSA

AC Batch ‘83

27 September 2012

Fr. Horacio R. Rodriguez:
Colegio de San Agustin
Dasmarinas Village, Makati

Dear Fr. Horacio R. Rodriguez:

We write in support of our fellow alumna, Mrs. Toni Gonzalez-Garcia, and as concerned parents. We are disturbed by the reported gun-pointing by Allan Bantilles as a threat to Jamie Garcia, in the presence of some of your faculty members.

The act of gun pointing by a parent to threaten a student is a most reprehensible form of bullying that should not be tolerated by any decent human society, much less by your school. You have always represented yourselves as an upstanding Catholic institution that prides itself in honing your students' Christian morals and ethics. This unfortunate incident is an opportunity for you to prove through action what you have represented in words.

We understand your school's response to the incident is merely to ban Mr. Bantilles from your school campus. Please ask yourselves: Does this show an adequately strong message to your students and to the CSA community in terms of the values and ethics you wish to promote?

We believe it does not. We believe you should send a much stronger statement, especially to your student body, that this behavior is NOT tolerated by your school. We believe that you should declare in a public assembly of students and parents that this behavior is reprehensible and will not be tolerated. In addition, we urge you to demand a public apology to be made by Mr. Bantilles to Jamie Garcia. We also urge your office to call on all the faculty and student witnesses to stand up and tell the truth.

We express our concern over this serious breach of your school's security. How can anyone bring a gun into your campus? Has an investigation of your security personnel and procedures been done? If so, what steps have you taken to hold those responsible for the breach, and what steps are you taking to tighten your security controls?

We urge you to re-examine your rules against bullying, and strengthen your sanctions against this offense. Bringing firearms or instruments of violence on campus should be punishable by, at a minimum, exclusion of the student connected with the offending party.

We understand that you need to go through due process to be legally compliant and to be fair to all parties involved. However, given the gravity of the offense and the presence of witnesses which makes the offense undeniable, we urge you to speedily impose a strong, non-compromising punishment and public statement.

We hope you heed our recommendations and take action as soon as possible.

Thank you for your attention.

Very truly yours,

Assumption High School Class of 1983

The signatures that follow are of those who support this call to action, including the Assumption High School Class of 1983, fellow Assumption Alumnae, family and friends.

  1. Verna Villanueva
  2. Mardi Mapa-Suplido
  3. Maite P. Gallego
  4. Tokie Tantoco-Enriquez
  5. Gina Gamboa-Pimentel
  6. Ana de Villa - Singson
  7. Queenie Conde-Crisostomo
  8. Reena Rodrigo
  9. Angela Navato-Javier
  10. Rissa Sanchez-Murga
  11. Deeda Garcia
  12. Candy Agcaoili-Orena
  13. Nina Peralta-Garcia
  14. Nikki Lacson-Leviste
  15. Ellen Q. Leron
  16. Judy Roman-Antonio
  17. Gigi Orosa-Villareal
  18. Leah Martelino-Huang
  19. Teresa Goduco
  20. Gina Quirino
  21. Myrene Villanueva
  22. Trixie Cordon-Mutuc
  23. Aileen Fabro
  24. Maricen Jalandoni
  25. Veronica Polintan-Solis
  26. Anna Periquet
  27. Analen Rualo-Reyes
  28. Candy Agcaoili-Orena
  29. Jet Ocampo
  30. Desi Catibayan-Mendoza
  31. Yella Dabao-Avelino
  32. Kathy S. Litton
  33. Bea Lopez-Puno
  34. Marilen Dimayuga
  35. Angela C. Ylagan
  36. Cynthia Villanueva-Gloger
  37. Dina Pronstroller
  38. Tina Abad-Mendoza
  39. Aggie Gayoso-Artadi
  40. Jowee Orense
  41. Liz Jalandoni
  42. Gia Ocampo-Chuatico
  43. Anna Hechanova-Lu
  44. Joy Ledesma-Lagdameo
  45. Corcor Dizon-Bitong
  46. Gladys Lee
  47. Lia Pison – dela Cruz
  48. Ma. Rosario Garcia-Berutto
  49. Rhodora Cortez-Ayento
  50. Udsie Rosario-Villarica
  51. Gina Yambao-Martinez
  52. Monique Daez
  53. Rina Vargas-Malig
  54. Nini Barrera-Aquino
  55. Fides Madrid
  56. Dina Bellosillo-Reyes
  57. Chubby Lopa
  58. Jewel Garcia
  59. Aileen Villamor-Fabro
  60. Annie Colayco
  61. Adeline Aguilar-Belizario
  62. Monique Trinidad
  63. Liza Casas-Garrido
  64. Abigail Limqueco-Chan
  65. Bea Beduya-Villegas
  66. Maryrose Juico-Romualdez
  67. Gia Ferry-Lipa
  68. Sylvie Mendoza
  69. Kathy Cabiles-Tamara
  70. Lyn Dizon Agustin
  71. Cynthia Uichangco-Abola
  72. Paula Celdran-Santos
  73. Claudette Gonzalez-Klein
  74. Tessa Mendoza-Daza
  75. Cathy Pujol-Azores
  76. Imee Garcia
  77. Claudette A. Cordon, ACHS '81
  78. Carmela Yutuc-Santos, ACHS '78
  79. Terry Vistan, ACHS 78
  80. Tony Tamara
  81. Monique P. Gallego
  82. Paul A. Zaldarriaga
  83. My Rizal Movement
  84. Peaches Luciano-Jimenez, AC '81
  85. Meg Soriano-Roque, AC '81
  86. Josie Gempesaw – Barcia, AC '81
  87. Patricia Jimenez, AC 2009
  88. Rommel Bernardo
  89. Maureen Cordon-Delingon
  90. Arleen Sevilla-Agustin 
It appears that bullying has long been Collegio San Agustin's problem and just like the case of Jamie they failed in resolving the issues as shown in this video of a bullying victim's father interviewed by Ces Drillon.

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