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Police scalawags in uniform

Are we better off electing our top cops?

At the rate police in Metro Manila nowadays are getting caught left and right in criminal “Hulidap” (holdup arrest) activities one wonders how they can solve crime when it seems there are quite a number of scalawags in their ranks. Well, they are obviously failing miserably in solving crimes otherwise we will not be reading or watching the news on murders committed by riding in tandem assassins.

The recent bruha errr brouhaha is that of QC Sr. Police Officer 4 Jose de la Peña who had the “misfortune” of choosing a victim that’s too hot to handle especially on a trumped up non-existent law against “phone sex.” On the other hand it is probably a blessing in disguise, can you imagine if this dumb criminal is a smart sophisticated guy and with endemic corruption he could have made a killing. The guy was allegedly was being charged with illegal possession of ugly face errrr I meant must have been schooling the newbie junior officer in the art of predatory technique. How else can you explain why he has to follow de la Pena driving the “suspect’s” car when the “suspect” should be riding with him?

Just because the principal accused predatory cop “clears” the junior patrol officer PO2 Resty del Rosario to have no clue what’s going on it does not mean that they should automatically let him report back to his precint. The guy has all the makings of being a clone of de la Pena or worse the idiot of them all Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza responsible for the Luneta Grandstand hostage taking where scores of Hong Kong tourist was killed and injured. Just because he whines about his family getting affected, he should not be given a slack and dismissed together with his ring leader boss for not stopping de la Pena or worse if he clueless then does not deserve to be a cop. Mind you to this day the victims of the hostage taking and the relatives of the deceased has not received any apology from the government, was that an indication of how our officials really value life especially of foreigners?

The problem with our police is that they are so beholden to the powers that be, how can they not be when everything in their so-called professional lives rest on how they kiss their patron’s behind. It’s a patronage type system in a semi-feudal society pretending to be at par with the most sophisticated nation of the world when we have really not removed the shackles of submissiveness from the trapos.

What is odd is that legislators seems to have a knack for investigating and coming up with credible leads regarding corruption and scandals, which makes me wonder how they are able to dig credible facts where the police and investigative agencies fail? Senator Panfilo Lacson tells the nation of the P50M Jueteng daily revenue where top cops are on the take and the cops says yes there is a semblance of truth to what he states. Say what now? If they believe that there is credibility to what Lacson exposed what the hell are they waiting for? What will it take for them to investigate, gather evidence, and prosecute erring cops?

Maybe instead of just electing legislators we should also elect top cops since they seem to do a better job at digging for evidence except just like the cops there is no charges or conviction are expected since it was in aid of legislation only. What if we have an elected position for let’s say a Sheriff? Maybe that’s a better alternative than a congress and senate so busy with probes that amounts to nothing so they can concentrate on legislating laws for the common good.The only problem with that is what kind of gimmick will they resort to since we are removing the best venue for grandstanding.....

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