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Allan Bantilles aka “Roy Negro” & son to file counter suit

Would you believe that Collegio San Agustin Rector Father Horacio R. Rodriguez, OSA came out with a statement that states they are victims of bad publicity? At a time when criminal charges are being readied by the Makati Police Fr. Horacio washes his hands that makes Pontius Pilate pale in comparison, LOL.

I don’t know how a school that has an obligation, responsibility, and duty to protect a student once they are inside the campus should act as if they are the surrogate parents failed miserably to protect a bullying victim. A victim who was sexually fondled repeatedly needs a safe reassuring environment only to be slapped and threatened by the bully’s parent inside the faculty room and then come up with irresponsible statement of non-accountability blaming bad publicity for their woes is bizarre if not absurd.

What makes the incident so repulsively revolting is not only did they fail in securing the safety of the victim they also punished the victim with a longer suspension than the bullies. Now how exactly do they think the students concerned will appreciate the meaning of justice and the whole student body with their unfair decision?

The schools failure to call the police right after the incident or even reported it indicates a serious flaw in their security measure. Collegio San Agustin in their failure to file a criminal case against Allan Bantilles for openly violating the environment of safe haven that the learning institution provides is of serious concern not just to their student population and their parents, relatives, and friends but the long term implication of said incident other learning institution.

The only consolation is that finally the Makati Police seems to be on the right track and a criminal complaint has been filed by the aggrieved party the Garcia’s against Allan “Roy Negro” Canete Bantilles for possession of ugly face errrr a variety of complaints ranging from attempted murder, slander and slander by deed at the Makati Prosecutor’s Office.

As usual the accused reportedly will also file criminal case against Garcia and others in what appears to be a first Sottomized Cybercrime Prevention Act case if indeed Roy Negro and his son beat everyone to the draw on who will be the first one to file a Sottomized cyberspace libel.

Who will the judge believe is something we really have to see, but I do tend to believe the bullying victim because bullies are not always your typical hunk or big man they can be teeny little twat with Napoleonic complex, LOL. Another thing that to me strengthens the position of the victim is the violent temper of Bantilles against a victim who even apologized to him and yet chose to slap and threaten with a loaded gun aimed at his forehead is typical demeanor we see from a bully thus in all likelihood will produce his own bully junior in his son.

“We are denying these claims that he (the elder Bantiles) slapped the boy and pointed a gun at him.” 

“We might file a case of libel or defamation or physical injury. But we are being very prudent about it. We want cooler heads to prevail since our client is a minor,” he said.

Sure they will, but let us see if the teachers at Collegio de San Agustin are able to recover from the shock of witnessing Roy Negro’s violent bullying as reported and come to testify to tell the truth. But why is it that I doubt they will is it because of Father Horacio’s statement?

When lawyers get involved in a case you can almost sense a circus freak side show is in the offing when Bantilles lawyer says the family will also file a complaint of Child abuse at the Kapisanan ng mga Broadcasters sa Pilipinas against Disc Jockey Mo Twister (Mohan Gumatay)for his supposedly “derogatory” statements against Bantlles son. 

Father Horacio R. Rodrigues should consider himself lucky, had this happen in the west the school would have been the subject of a civil damages lawsuit. But this is the Philippines where some people seem to be in denial especially when it involves sexual molestation and harassment case. Let us see if this case will expose who are the liars and who are in denial but until the learning institution refuse or are not aware of their obligation, responsibility, and duty to protect students while they are inside the school campus, and decide unfairly when it comes to bullying, especially cases of sexual molestation you can't expect students to come out of the learning institution with their values intact.

If this is a class on parenting 101 Roy Negro definitely failed miserably because after the incident he disappeared as if he is in hiding and instead of surfacing had his attorney do all the talking. The best defense is not actually denial, actually slapping a victim of sexual molestation and pointing a gun complete with verbal threat of killing him is indefensible.

Roy Negro should have just apologized and approached the family of the victim and he probably had a better chance of settling this out of court as it seems that the father of the victim and the victim appears to be very reasonable. If he had the guts to slap, threaten and point a loaded gun he should be man enough to face the consequence of his action because that's what gentleman do. Unless one is grappling with his sexual identity and preference or just a plain jerk brought up in the worse possible way not recognizing the problem will only manifest itself much worse in their offspring.

People who are sure of their sexuality will most likely confront their own child and allow their kids to learn how to fight their own battles. Unfortunately when your kid is the bully and worse seems to be fixated with someone else ding dong or pride and glory while acting out like a macho/bully holding a guys behind is probably a problem that has to dealt with in a father and son dialogue and not getting into a fight with his crush errr childish enemy. At any rate this will be very interesting once it reaches the court where the facts will likely prevail over the manufactured lies........

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