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The Heroes in Renato Corona’s “Fake” Bank Account

It seems that if the rag tag politicians identified with accused electoral saboteur Gloria Arroyo will have and still have their way; they will hunt down and jail the people responsible for what they see, pathetic as they are, only they see as a dastardly act of exposing the numerous bank accounts including the highly state like secret dollar account of Renato Corona.

One is almost given the impression that these politicians who think they are the opposition just because they are former running dogs errr identified with the former plundering regime are really law abiding public officials strictly adhering to the rule of law.

The stupidity never ceases and since when did money laundering become a political platform? Forget I asked because in the plundered land of the Philippines the absurd takes a center stage in an Inquirer report by Gil C. Cabacungan titled, House opposition presses probe into leakage of Corona bank documents. In said report I received a response from a certain Mark, what probably sums up the so-called “opposition’s” sentiments on where they stand on money laundering, to quote:

 Bibigyan mo ng medal ang nag leak ng information!

 Are you out of your mind? Nababaliw ka na ba?

These people violated the law, and you commend them?

If it is your opinion that the law is so strict, ask your congressman to file a bill to amend it.

Let congress fix it.

Dapat sa iyo itapon sa basurahan kasama ni NoyNoy.

You don't even know how to act right in a civilized society.

 Do you understand, stupid?

Was the numb nut errr Mark right in his indignation at seeing how I felt about the source of the scandalous numerous bank accounts of Corona? Here is the comment I left at that report below that elicited a "brilliant" response:

No wonder the so-called minority identified with the plundering regime of Arroyo are so puny, these numb nuts are vent on prosecuting those who leaked the bank accounts of Renato Corona. A law that was legislated during the dictatorial regime of the frozen stiff one whose bank secrecy law is the strictest and frowned upon by civilized society due to the problem it poses on transparency and going after the plundered resources of the government. 

Hypocrites known for flaunting their sick perversion of the institution and yet acts as if they are law abiding citizens strictly adhering to the rule of law. The only problem is the law they are so fixated at following is a law that is tailored fit for corrupt government officials, criminals of all kinds local and international where they can launder money in a secure, safe, out of reach of the police agencies and courts due to its absolute secrecy provision that makes us the laughing stock of civilized societies, LOL. 

Dingbats, think they can fool the people all the time, keep at it and continually antagonize law abiding citizens with your perversion and you may soon face the wrath of the hungry and angry poor people fed up with your perversions. 

The people who leaked Corona's bank accounts deserve a medal and they should be rewarded instead of prosecuted. They should be given immunity or amnesty for what they did is a service to the people who are tired with corrupt public officials of the elected and appointed ones. Those who want the source prosecuted are nothing but corrupt delusional amoral individuals hiding in an unjust law. A law that supports those with unexplained wealth stashing away their loots converted into dollars in our banking system that caters to criminals instead of hard working OFWs, who are the genuine dollar earners of the Philippines. I say expose the crooks for what they are and their hypocrite supporters deluding themselves that they can fool the people all the time! 

It is unfortunate that there were so many unjust laws that Marcos left us and no one really paid attention or was it because patronage politics has that uncanny effect on politicians to become crooks?How about you, do you believe the source of the numerous bank accounts of Corona should be prosecuted or given a medal? If Gloria Arroyo can hail Chavit Singson a self-confessed Jueteng bagman as  hero why can't we in turn hail our heroes too? Don't you think those who work at the bank are more deserving of appreciation for exposing the truth than those with self-serving interest?

The banking secrecy law is obsolete, hanging on to a law that helps criminals launder dirty money in a safe, untouchable legal manner is corruption of the highest order.

Of course Corona being a thug that he is will not listen to what other religious organizations when it comes to opening his dollar accounts. Corona does not care what religious organizations says as long as he has the backing of fanatical fools like Iglesia ni Batman waving their support for absolute bank secrecy, LOL.... The next time we question why we are in a rut just look at the opportunist Iglesia ni Batman and you will know why, hehehe.

The best way to end the thuggery of a cheap justice is to follow what Walden Bello proposes, seize Corona's assets. I say seize Corona's properties and freeze his numerous bank accounts including the absolute secret dollar accounts, that is the only language a criminal understand to put him in his proper place. Do that and let us see if the cheap justice will still portray himself as a martyr to be pitied, and then we can reward the informer who gave the bank documents to the prosecution team which is really the standard in ill-gotten wealth cases, LOL.....

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