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Renato Corona's Fake Bank Account Documents?


  1. On the matter of the subject DOCUMENT, assuming that the document is fake, then all that the Senate has to do is exclude all testimonies of witnesses on the document, upon motion of defense, punish for contempt those party who knowingly are complicit in the submission of the fake document and set aside the document at opportune time for being spurious or fake. That settles the fake document issue.
  2. But on the CONTENTS of the fake document, the issue is different. The content of the fake document consists of banks accounts of CJ Corona. They appear genuine, existing and has not been declared to be false or spurious. Thus, in so far as these peso accounts of CJ Corona are concerned , there is no legal impediment for the senate impeachment trial body to demand the bank to produce its records for the senate to determine what is true, in the exercise of the senate's plenipotentiary power for truth and justice. Remember, the primary duty of the senate is to arrive at the truth, behind any or all 8 allegations of the impeachment complaint and to pass judgment whether CJ Corona is fit to stay in office or not as charged on the basis of what they found to be true in all these things.

  3. The only reason why the senate could not touch anything that relates to the dollar bank account of Cj Corona is because of its respect to the SC which issued a TRO to the bank pending its resolution whether the senate may or may not look into the dollar account of Corona in the bank, But whatever the decision of the SC, it is simply moot and academic when the senate does not concur with it because Sen, Enrile said that in so far as the proceedings of the impeachment is concerned the senate 's decision is paramount and supreme. It could not be appealed to any court or agency. The senate seems to concede authority to the SC ONLY on matters relating to interlocutory orders 

KAYA, BAKIT NAKAKAGULO , when the issues are these simple?

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