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Gun totting CJ Renato Corona?

Ana Basa, one of Jose Ma. Basa III nine children and one of the heirs of the original BGEI stockholder revelation truly makes one wonder how in the world did Renato Corona gets to the post of justice of the Supreme Court?  Are we really that desperate and do we really have such dearth shortage of lawyers that qualifies for the chief justice position?
The Philippines definitely has no shortage of lawyers as a matter of fact we have too many of them. If that is the case, did they change the qualification to become a justice, or one has to be extremely loyal at all cost to his/her benefactor? The Philippines is not known for its politics of patronage if that was not the case but under that scenario does it really matter even if one acts like a thug? From the looks of it and if Ana Basa is telling the truth which is more likely having presented the sworn statement of BGEI’s caretaker, to quote:

BASA: Mang Indo (Pedro Aguilon). It happened when my father came here because he heard complaints from tenants of BGEI. We went to the property where BGEI was located. Mang Indo was a caretaker there. He let us into the property one evening. The Coronas got mad. Mang Indo said he was so scared that he did not want to file a case against Corona after the latter put a gun to his head. He feared that if he filed a case, Corona might kill him.

The barangay captain was actually encouraging him to file a case but he was so afraid. He is not rich and does not have the means to do so.

He just executed a sworn statement of what actually happened to him so that in the event that something really happened to him, at least people would know this experience he had.

When Corona put a gun to his head, Corona said: Gusto mo bang pasabugin kong mukha mo (Do you want me to blast your face)? That’s what the Chief Justice said to him back in 1997 (showing to the Inquirer the original copy of Mang Indo’s sworn affidavit).

The above incident happened during the time when Renato Corona was the legal adviser for then President Fidel Ramos.  That incident alone should have been enough for a lawyer to be disbarred and fired from his job but it seems he knows how to ingratiate himself whoever is in power.

As if that incident is not repulsive enough based on the Ana Basa’s statement he has abused his power and connection to oppress his wife’s closed blood relatives. One has to be really a very bad terrible person to do such things but greed knows no barrier when it engulfs a person to amoral heights to not just crave but steal other people’s money that happens to belong to his wife Cristina’s relatives.

What truly amaze are Corona’s defense liar’s errrr lawyers questioning the timing of Ana Basa’s revelation, and they are supposed to be smart and intelligent? In the case of Ana Basa it is true that she only came out just now but the question does not present the whole picture. Of course idiots’ errrr wise guys oooops smart as they think they are the defense lawyers will of course play the dumb and dumber ploy in denying the injustice and oppression suffered by Ana’s dad. It is as if Jose Ma. Basa III who went thru all the troubles and almost spent some time in jail fighting for their rightful share of BGEI’s income and property never happened. If they are in Ana’s position where warrants of arrest hangs like a Damocles sword over one’s head will they also dare come out when their oppressor is at the peak of his power? Liars errrr lawyers defending the indefensible will always shoot from the hips to discredit people to protect their client but Ana says it best here:

I must confess that I agonize over this decision to come out and spill unflattering information about Chief Justice Corona. But this painful side of what happened to us must be told because the truth about Corona must be set free. He has made life miserable for our family and relatives. He can do more harm to others. We are coming out, comforted by the thought that we are doing our share to make the country aware of this man and to protect the integrity of the Supreme Court.

It is not like they have no firsthand knowledge or has not experienced firsthand how it is to be on the receiving end of Corona’s injustice that one will dare come out again just to suffer the same fate as their dad. Of course Ana will come out just now, when she knows that their adversary is not exactly in a position to oppress them further. Why would she not come out now knowing that finally they have a chance to be heard once and for all and justice is probably within reach unlike before?

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