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Cheap Justice Renato Corona Impeachment Circus Drama

I did not know that blabbermouths like Tita Midas Marquez who is holding a spokesman and at the same time a court administrator position had so much rabble rousing power. Court administrator as in glorified secretary? Now what and who gives him the authority if reports are true that he is giving the judges a marching order to take a court holiday to support and listen to the impeached cheap justice Corona’s speech. Your guess is as good as mine but if you don’t want to guess the palace says it was coming from cheap errr thief, ooops Chief Justice Corona. Of course Tita Mids will deny that he instigated the illegal act but no matter how he denies it, if it walks and quacks like a duck it is a duck, as shown in this image below:
Did someone not tell this blabbermouth that it is not only illegal for them to have a strike but dumb and stupid? But then again this is the Philippines where anything goes where laws are interpreted depending on how it accommodates the one deciding on it. Is it a surprise that Tita Mids will lie? Not really because if Dean Jorge Bocobo's description below of Tita Mids is accurate then it is to be expected:

Midas Marquez is a living subversion of the ethical rule that the Supreme Court only speaks through its WRITTEN decisions.

Now how exactly will people sympathize or even rally behind men in robes when they are not exactly voiceless dispossessed poor masses?  Are they really serious into deluding themselves that they can persuade people to make them (Arroyo and Corona) as the little poster girl and boy of human rights victims, trust me that is not going to happen, they are just deluding themselves that the world revolves around them, LOL.

Never mind about propriety their cheap justice never had one to begin with and a plagiarizing associate justice having no clue what it is anyway. The justices are sadly acting like the Kyrgyz inmates on hunger strike over a prostitute ban. Just like the Philippine Trapo and their lackeys in the injustice system these inmates work the system to bring in prostitutes under the "others" category on who can visit them, LOL. Which reminds me, these inmates are also no different from a very demanding Gloria Arroyo trying to micro-manage even her custody when she has really no say. I am afraid that at the rate she complains and acts like a brat she will probably have an extended stay at the hospital, nah not the presidential suite at VMMC but at the psychiatric ward since there is no presidential suite for the locos.

It is just too bad that the impeachment charge was really done so swiftly, I am sure even the Tongress people would want it to be a little bit longer. Not because they really want to diligently go through the documents but it was clearly a sacrifice on their part not to have milked it for their shameless self-promotion, was that a sign of maturity or what? If you listen to the deluded paranoia allegations of Corona it seems like it was rushed to unseat him. Seriously, do they really need the extra time to consider the charges against Corona when most people knew that he is what Leila De Lima describes as “ A Walking Constitutional Violation,” I doubt that they would want to give the impression that they are the clueless lot, LOL.

Then you have the “rule of law” and “due process” absolutist who refused to go along with what they see as the “mob” destroying their “democratic ideals.” True, who would want a short cut and arbitrariness, but is it really? Sure the party in power could have done it better but under the present circumstance and thanks and no thanks to the Supreme Court that pave the way for the new income opportunities for jokers like the Oliver Lozano’s, dillydallying would have cost the accountability measure a year of setback. The choice is to act swiftly or arrest the Oliver Lozano’s of vagrancy, but that will be nasty although think it will be very amusing if they do that, I don’t think there will be a protest. On the other hand imagine the national indignation of those who supports the administration now in holding Arroyo and her cohorts responsible and accountable if Lozano beats them to the draw in his usual weak impeachment charge where not a single representative will be willing to endorse?

Joseph Estrada’s advice to Corona if he slug it out on being embarrassed is really odd, really just embarrassed? Should it not be humiliated, or that is not in their vocabulary? Embarrassed is just like a con artist getting caught lying trough his teeth and treating it lightly and not apologetically but will no doubt scam mercilessly you had you not known any better. 

Leila De Lima did a good job refuting the spit errr speech of CJ Corona, but just like opposition Rep. Edcel Lagman his choice of word "blackmail" seems to dig his hole much deeper. Steve Salonga puts it so aptly below:
Listening to the replay of CJ Corona's speech, I am amused by his choice of the word "blackmail" to explain the charges. I thought "blackmail" had to do with someone guilty of a crime who is being extorted to keep his crime in the dark. If he is being blackmailed then he is guilty of a something? And what is being extorted from him if he is already being impeached?
Corona is truly showing his true color as he speaks incoherently. Resorting to name calling like a brat just like his disgraced master Gloria Arroyo saying that Pres. Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino's action against him shows he is a dictator. Unfortunately for him the Philippine Bar Association validates the constitutionality of the impeachment. Justices are appointed to the Supreme Court because they possess wisdom, so does that he is short or not have any?
What I don't understand is the negative reaction of some people as if this is the end of our much cherished "democratic institution" when honestly, what have we got to lose if Arroyo and Corona are convicted? I believe we will lose tremendously and it will be a huge setback for our nation in fighting corruption if only Arroyo and Corona are convicted. Besides if it was just the two of them then they can legitimately say they are being singled out just like Erap's complaint when Arroyo even hailed the Jueteng bagman into a hero and presidential consultant. 

I don't think we as a people to be just a habitual complainer finding fault at anything and everything we see. Or do we really love corruption so much that we can't let go and will fight tooth and nail going on a hair pulling match with a bald person? Seriously, is it not better to help the administration now in their drive to curb corruption to strengthen their resolve or do we want to support of all people the ones who epitomize corruption? Either that or we really love to be stuck in the muck because we did not have the resolve to get out of it as the above image implies......

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