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Corona Impeached! An impending constitutional or Constipational Crisis?

Funny but as soon as Cheap errrr Chief Justice Renato Corona took a tough fighting stance the next day 188 solons signed his impeachment, I wonder if he regrets it now, LOL. But then again for someone so dense and hiding under the pretense of rule of law and due process coupled with a deluded mindset thinking and acting as if they are the institution, you would expect that kind of reaction.
Summary of the Corona Impeachment Complaint
I must admit that our “honorable” congress people are quite impressive at the haste errrr I meant the stunning swiftness of getting 188 signatories to the impeachment when the minimum requirement is just 95. Is this redemption? Nah, not for Corona the guy is hopelessly dense, I meant for Tongress to really work to reform the justice system that is without reforming themselves too?

I am particularly amused at the dramatic approach of house minority leader Edcel Lagman, after all this has the potential of being the number one teleBOLA, wait that’s wrong hehehe I meant telenovela of all, referring to the impeachment as the “Mother of all Blackmail,” to quote:
The Supreme Court justices are being blackmailed not to decide pending cases against the Aquino administration, otherwise the wrath of impeachment will be on them.

The derogation of our democratic institutions is almost complete with the emasculation of the House of Representatives, the violation of civil liberties, the impairment of the rule of law and now the destruction of the Supreme Court and the judiciary.
Really Edcel, are you just like the rest of the fishwives or do you belong to their congregation at the corner sari sari store and barber shops discussing hot gossip of the day? Looking at how Edcel Lagman and the rest of the Arroyo paid parrots reduce this issue to speculation and jumping to conclusion based on nothing but their speculative mind surely explains why some Filipinos can’t liberate themselves from that tribal mindset. Don’t they ever learn thinking they can hoodwink or insult the people’s intelligence passing Gloria Arroyo and Renato Corona as the poster boy and little girl of human rights is just insanely unbelievable but pathetically laughable. But then again this is the beauty of (no not a healthy democracy) of being a BOLA BOLA Republic, we get to watch reality show that is not necessarily unscripted but entertaining nevertheless where we can laugh at the performers and performance, now how sweet is that?

Gloria 'Crocodile Tears' Arroyo
Then we have the mother of all hyperbole (yikes, I think I am getting infected by the telebola histrionic like illness, LOL) when we hear some people calls this a “constitutional dictatorship,” after the constitutional crisis brought about by the “mobs” seems to be losing steam when no one seems to treat them seriously. Instead of being treated seriously they get guffaws and mocking, when they are not even stand-up comics.

At least some parrots errr people calls it constitutional dictatorship in contrast to those who swears by their balls errrr their neighbor’s dog that Pres. Benigno S. Aquino, III is worse than the real dictator the frozen stiff one Ferdinand Marcos. They seem to forget that it was the little girl who can’t sleep in a rat infested presidential suite at VMMC who actually came close to being a constitutional dictator and we are not even at war with anyone. Here is an interesting quote on constitutional dictatorship:
Professor Albert Sturm, a student of Rossiter's work, has also written of constitutional dictatorships. In a 1949 essay "Emergencies and the Presidency" in the Journal of Politics, for example, Sturm found that these "temporary concentrations of power in an executive" for meeting emergencies, which have been "employed by vigorous democracies since ancient times," are necessary for "the preservation of the established system in the face of temporary crisis." Typically, such authority lasts only as long as the crisis, Sturm notes, and it is sanctioned by the "existing constitutional system."
I can understand the desire of some to uphold the rule of law and due process, but we are talking here of the Philippine setting. A place where it is not exactly perfect and criminal suspects are not exactly law abiding but loophole seeking scalawags. Had the DoJ followed the "due process" when the institution or the SC did not exactly follow the due process is not very prudent lest one wants to be the laughing stock in allowing a suspect to escape right in front their very noses.

Concerns are raised on the replacement if Corona is impeached and some people have valid reservation but some I should say are more of the fishwives mindset. True there is no guarantee that people especially those in the patronage political system will of course use their position for their personal agenda. In the same manner that we can't just jump to conclusion lest we turn to like crabs wanting to pull down people no matter what.

The personal agenda question is better answered by the legislative and the president, are we supposed to assume that it will be more on personal agenda of having a rubber stamp cheap este chief justice? Or better yet do we really need to question their agenda or do we go by what exactly are the qualifications of a CJ? There is really no way to determine personal agenda until we see how the person performs and this is where transparency is much needed. Unfortunately in the Philippines where the "right to privacy" seems to take precedence even if there are obvious criminal activities how exactly does it help ease our questioning minds.... and it does not help that there seems to be a lot of people with a tendency to jump to conclusions based on pure speculation.

All the drama and overacting can be reduced to what Dean Jorge Bocobo says it to be:

“Hahaha and it'll ruin GMA's noche buena (like when Sauron's main general gets his head chopped off in The Return of the King)”

And I say ruined Noche Buena and more since the constitutional crisis they are trying to peddle is turning out to be more of a CONSTIPATIONAL crisis when they see the illegal legal defense team she meticulously planted within the institution with psychic accuracy from the Ombudsman to the Supreme Court are slowly crumbling right before their very eyes.

What are the chances that the impeachment will succeed and instead of a constitutional crisis  this will really turn out to be Gloria Arroyo's CONSTIPATIONAL crisis brought about by anxiety of spending her entire life in prison? I am optimistic that it will happen because most of the senators are up for re-election, I am sure they will not risk the ire of the voters siding with a lost cause. The biggest and most important question is will the representatives and senators finally redeem themselves and will this signal the start of genuine reform? Unless and until the lawmakers reform themselves how can they expect to reform the system when they need to be reformed too?

Read the full text of the impeachment complaint here.

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