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Noriyo Ohara, Kidnapped for Ransom by the NBI?

NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) is patterned after the US Federal Bureau of Investigation composed of elite lawmen & women who are educated degree holder mostly lawyers, certified public accountants, master degree to doctorate degree holders. Their stature makes them stand tall above the crowd of pathetic potbellied counterpart in other police agencies and as such the citizens look at them in awe and respect.

Lately though it seems endemic corruption has reached even the elite investigative agencies getting into unthinkable scandals that the agency is like or expected to get involved in such dastardly act of human rights abuse of kidnap for ransom under the guise of an arrest. As if that is not bad enough one would expect that the scalawags would have used or have their own unauthorized safe house to detain their kidnap victim but no, they used NBI facilities as if it was their gang hideout.

The scalawags may just be security guards but the fact that they detained Ohara in the NBI for a month indicates that they were given the authority. The question now is who gave these security guards the authority and why did they target one who is hiding from the dreaded Yakuza, are the security guards working with Yakuza? Were they bribed by the Yakuza in arresting Ohara that is more of a kidnap when they knew that it does not fall under their jurisdiction?

Why will they allow a civilian girlfriend of one of the "arresting" security guards steal Ohara's properties and make it appear it was confiscated, on what grounds exactly?

These are incidents that indicate that it may not be an exception but more like the norm when they can have someone detained illegally for a month and a civilian helping herself to the detainees’ properties in the form of "confiscation." Whoever is in charge would have known better lest he or she is so incompetent or moronic to not know what's going on in their agency. But then if Ramon Tulfo’s feedback is accurate then it is not a surprise why something as dreadful as this is happening in the prime investigative agency of the nation, to quote:

That every office or division within the NBI is run like a fiefdom, independent from other offices and even from the NBI director.

That there is no distinction between a security guard, tasked with securing the NBI premises and facilities, and an NBI line agent, who is either a lawyer or certified public accountant.

NBI security guards go on missions like NBI line agents without authority from the NBI director.

The people who arrested Ohara and demanded ransom for her release were NBI security guards.

Director Magtanggol Gatdula admitted as much in a letter to this columnist.

That there are persons who are not organic members of the bureau who hang around the NBI premises and pass themselves off as NBI agents.

That the NBI, patterned after the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), is as corrupt as the Philippine National Police (PNP) and needs to be overhauled.

A fiefdom explains why there are civilians close to someone even just a security guard who is not a line agent can pretend to have the authority, such as this one described by Ramon Tulfo:

A certain Chona Espina, who hung around at the SMD office, confiscated from Ohara a suitcase containing very expensive watches, jewelry, an Apple laptop, documents pertaining to her house in Parañaque City, a 2010 model BMW car and two Honda cars.

Espina, reportedly Garcia’s or Cabillan’s girlfriend, should be made to return all the things she took from Ohara.

Do these scalawags even think that 10% of the Philippine populations are scattered the world over known to us as our OFWs? They may be known to us our modern day heroes but in the eyes of the world outside the Philippines they are known as foreigners. Yes, just like the poor Japanese woman named Noriyo Ohara, 33, whose family was murdered by the dreadful Yakuzas desperately hiding for her safety only to be kidnapped for ransom and her personal property stolen by these scalawags using the NBI badges for their dastardly act. Now how exactly will they feel if their relatives are treated in the same manner?

The initial reaction when a probe was conducted on the anomaly was even more anomalous, insensitive, inhumanely uncaring, and totally callous. Of all the things they could do they transferred her from the kidnappers’ safe house to the Bureau Immigration detention facility, now if that is not mind boggling I don’t know what is? As if she has not had enough harrowing experience they now threatened her perhaps unwittingly or maybe more to it than meets the eye to be deported back to Japan at the waiting criminal hands of the Yakuzas? How can the probers establish trust that they are there to give her justice when she maybe in more danger in their hands than her original kidnapper/captors?

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