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Comelec Disrespect Cost Eli Pamatong Jail Time

Mga Magnanakaw Kayo! (You are all thieves!) Shouts Eli Pamatong after walking out in protest at the Comelec 2nd division hearing which he says he does not trust and respect.

Magnanakaw (thief) seems to be the in word these days after Noynoy Aquino declares hindi ako magnanakaw (I will not steal) if he gets elected as the next president. Ok, just because the poll leader uses that term it does not follow that it applies to all especially the 3 stooges’ errr the Comelec 2nd division commissioners. No, I am not saying I disagree with Eli Pamatong when it comes to his disgust and lack of trust and respect for the body but I should say that magnanakaw is not the proper term. For one if it is true that they are on the take as Eli says they are, then technically that is not stealing but a graver offense of corruption and subverting the electoral process and peoples will. The one who steal are the candidate who cheats their rivals through connivance with back door operators and other nefarious activities robbing the people of proper representation.
Instead of shouting magnanakaw Eli should have uttered you are on the take and unfit to cheat errr seat on the Comelec ruling body. For that Pamatong has to spend ten days at the Manila City Jail. But what if his accusations were proven to be true should the 3 Stooges’ then spend time in jail instead of Eli Pamatong? The problem is that the NBI the investigative agency that should look into these matters are busy chasing the boob leaking mole and running after road rage suspect Jason Ivler when it should have been handled by the police agencies. No wonder there is the culture of impunity and arrogance every time they come up with questionable rulings even daring people to sue them knowing no one is investigating or gathering evidence against them.

The Comelec commissioners are supposed to be the experts in election related matters and yet they come up with rulings copy pasting what they surfed on the net (disqualification ruling on Ang Ladlad) or using of all things documents submitted by lawyers of petitioners in thousand of pages with duplicating pages while giving the respondents limited time to response in the case to unseat duly elected Governor Grace Padaca. Now why are these numb nuts not getting investigated for such rulings or is it the SOP that no one sees the anomalous conduct anymore?

Amazing as it is but it seems that it is this exclusive mindset that seems to guide these commissioners when they say that Pamatong has no right to lodge a disqualification complaint, he being not a candidate for the position. Perhaps, Pamatong being a self-proclaimed defender of America is not paying taxes but is it not the right of every citizen to lodge a complaint? As I was watching TV Patrol one of the commissioners was even saying irrelevant babbling on punching one in the face when one is called a thief. He was so proud that he sent Pamatong to Jail instead of getting physical but come on stop putting on a brave front. We all know that Pamatong can do a Pacquiao on you guys if you go physical on him.

Sovereignty emanates from the people says Asiong errr Erap Estrada, as if he understood what it really meant. This is what he was mumbling after the 2nd division ruled allowing him to run for president even though it was clearly unconstitutional. What is so ridiculous is that the 3 stooges’ citing the SC that it is up to the people to decide is as stupid as it gets. Erap has been convicted, no ifs no buts about it but thanks and no thanks to Lady Garci y de Le Cirque he was given an absolute pardon. Meaning he can run for elective position but it does not mean he can run for the presidency because that is barred by the constitution. Ok, let us say that we agree to let the people decide, they should then present all the evidence and arguments in the Supreme Court and the Comelec 2nd division so that the people can make a ruling based on hard evidence and facts not on a circus freak side show entertainment. While sovereignty emanates from the people they are not lawyers or competent enough to discern legalities which is what the ruling wants to happen. Assuming further that their ruling is legal do we send Erap back to jail if he loses which is clearly where it is going? Erap will probably want to disapear at the rate things are going not in his direction as Rina Jimenez-David noted was a reality check for him:
A former confidante of former President Joseph Estrada told me some time ago that he bets Erap wishes that the Supreme Court would rule in favor of those seeking his disqualification from the presidential race. The reason? Estrada probably fears that he would be “embarrassed” by his showing in this year’s elections, where polls show him trailing the leaders.
If the Estrada loses then it means that they have repudiated the Comelec and the SC's decision, therefore they should resign from their positions of power because the people knows best, lol. Precisely why they are there for their expertise in their field of profession but if they cannot decide and leave the decision to the masses of voters who knows squat about the legalities then are they saying that they are unfit for the job?

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