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Renato Corona’s Credibility Problem

Renato Corona professed to respect and has faith in the Philippine constitution being a “top notch” lawyer and presently a chief justice of the Supreme Court. Lately he seems to show inconsistencies in his pronouncement which hopefully is just the normal hypocrisy as seen among public officials but from the looks of it, may point to something more sinister and more serious as it looks.

Whatever happened to the “I will answer point by point the accusations against me” stance taken by Corona? The guy is the top honcho in the liars league in the Philippines este law profession and now all of a sudden he defers to his defense counsels whether he will testify or not? Was that an admission that they are better lawyers than him or was it simply about invoking his right to self-incrimination? If that is the case I am with and fully agree with Erin Tanada that he needs to man up or shut up.

This statement below coming from a chief justice is preposterous to say the least:

“I was the one who blocked that and for them to get that amount, they would have to … remove me. That’s the truth. That’s the root cause of this impeachment,” he said.

“If you will ask me now why they want me out, I think it’s because I blocked that demand for a P10-billion compensation for Hacienda Luisita.”

If Corona says he is innocent and is just being targeted for his stand detrimental to Aquino’s Hacienda Luisita, what should prevent him from testifying to that effect in the impeachment trial? Or is it because he knows better than what he blabbers with the media is nothing more than a corner sari sari store gossip forum among his fishwives colleagues?

Corona pitted against Ana Basa and his wife’s aunt Sister Flor a nun for 65 years, people will definitely believe Ana Basa and the nun. This guy seems to delude himself that he has the credibility when he lost that long after he shamelessly accepted his midnight appointment from Gloria Arroyo who is now facing an electoral sabotage criminal case.

He claims he was not directly involved in the 30 year old family problem and yet he admits he withdrew BGEI’s fund from his personal bank accounts. For someone who claims he is not directly involved but holds their funds without even showing a board resolution that he has the authority to keep the money in his personal bank account is not just highly unusual but irregular or even criminal.

If it is true that Cristina is almost solely the owner of BGEI, does that mean she has bought off all 26 remaining heirs or at the least assigned their interest to her? Where are the documents to bolster his unscrupulous claims? Corona’s claim is contradictory to the claims of the late Jose Basa III, so how can Corona claim otherwise? As if his lies are not so obvious enough Corona even went further as if raising the stake in a poker game that they have all been given their share, LOL. Really, is that why the family of Jose Basa III is surprised at finding out just now that Renato Corona borrowed P11M and that he has in his personal bank account P32M of the BGEI funds? Are the heirs of Jose Basa III being inconsiderate in asking for an accounting when they all got their share? Perhaps instead of just a circus freak side show with the media Corona should also present his documentary evidence to bolster his claims, or is he now aware of that? Hehehe.

Perhaps this is the mindset of some people in the Philippines where they hoodwink their relatives who are out of the country and settled in the US. I have not encountered any FilAm owning a property in the Philippines who did not encounter sad experiences with their relatives.

The revelation of Ana Basa is very credible as this just validate the experience of others who are taken advantages of by greedy relatives in the Philippines. But this experience of the Basa's truly is just too much to comprehend or fathom that Renato Corona a supposedly honorable man will go to this length to oppress his wife's relatives. To even admit openly that the BGEI funds was deposited in his personal bank account and withdrawing at the time of his impeachment truly shows the chicanery of this man...... do people still believe we deserve a Chief Justice like Corona?

If other balikbayans like this Fil-Canadian who was killed senselessly over a property dispute in the Philippines think of what greedy public officials are capable of doing to intimidate and oppress their relatives who they knew are not in a position to fight a long drawn legal battle in the Philippines. If other balikbayan are killed over property dispute, I tend to believe Ana Basa's revelation that her father was harassed and intimidated by armed goons roaming their neighborhood. Greedy people victimizing their own blood relatives do exist and there are countless others who remain silent and not let this blow over due to the embarrassment this brings to their family. The sad part is there are people with whack mindset because of the culture of endemic corruption cannot tell what is right from wrong, and to see a Supreme Court Chief Justice involved in a property dispute is truly bizarre. Hopefully we are able to correct this deviant behavior now or we might not be able to get out of this if we truly want a just and free society. 

I am really curious how Renato Corona will “adequately” explain every single centavo in his inconsistent SALN and personal bank accounts while keeping quiet regarding his dollar accounts.
Now, he even insults the Filipinos thinking they are too dumb not to see his outright lies denying he never pointed a gun at the BGEI caretaker but just a demolition job against him by the Carpio law office. Really, why will a mere caretaker execute an affidavit at the time if he is just being used? Who in his right mind and a powerless poor man at that will execute an affidavit against a very powerful well connected man who has no qualms blowing out his brains with a gun?

Renato Corona's media blitzkrieg is just another added attraction to the circus freak side show but no matter how he lies to save his sorry behind he just keeps on digging his own grave deeper. I dare ask again, do we really deserve Renato Corona for a chief justice when we have better upright credible man of integrity that can take his place pronto? 

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