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Newsbreak! FaceBook Disables Political Jaywalker's Account

Bloggers' Rights at EFF
UPDATE: After 24 harrowing hours and 2 article post later, Facebook finally restored PJ's account using Pedro Jacobo at the expense of losing my nom de plume Political Jaywalker.... the price we have to pay for freedom, thank you all for your support.
Surprise, surprise, FaceBook just disabled Political Jaywalker's account for suppossedly using a "fake name," what was that all about, LOL. I guess they must not have heard of using a pen name for bloggers of the citizen journalist type, or on the other hand we may have been effective at exposing the scalawags in Philippine society, that they were able to succeed in shutting down one of the outlets we use as a forum for the free flow and exchange of ideas.

Let us see if FB will unwittingly take the side of the scalawags by silencing us at expressing legitimate concerns for a better Philippines, we await the outcome with guarded enthusiasm.

Political Jaywalker is the creator of Pedestrian Observer GB a political-social -economic commentary blog that has been online since March 6, 2007. Established initially by PJ and has been transformed into a group blog composed of individuals respected in their field and respective communities. Its a shame that FaceBook has decided to block our account serving as one of our forum in our quest for a better Philippines.

Let us see if FaceBook will disregard our right to anonymous free speech, to quote Electronic Frontier Foundation:
Anonymous communications have an important place in our political and social discourse. The Supreme Court has ruled repeatedly that the right to anonymous free speech is protected by the First Amendment. A much-cited 1995 Supreme Court ruling in McIntyre v. Ohio Elections Commission reads:
Protections for anonymous speech are vital to democratic discourse. Allowing dissenters to shield their identities frees them to express critical, minority views . . . Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority. . . . It thus exemplifies the purpose behind the Bill of Rights, and of the First Amendment in particular: to protect unpopular individuals from retaliation . . . at the hand of an intolerant society.
Will they restore our account or will they contribute to gag legitimate democratic discourse? Can FaceBook stifle blogger's right to express themselves, let me know your take on this........

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