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Is FaceBook Morphing into a Taliban Moral Police?

The Not So Talented Delfin ‘DJ’ Justiniano Ocampo Montano II wants to F Facebook on the censorship of the image shown below;

What’s the big deal anyway, unless one has a dirty mind then that is their problem, or is it really a problem? I see nothing wrong with it as it was clearly a microphone that was awkwardly and I assume innocently placed at the teddy bear’s crotch at the time it was captured by the camera which is really funny and amusing.

The blogger at The Not So Talented Delfin ‘DJ’ Justiniano Ocampo Montano II surely has a beef (errr no not the kind of beef you’re thinking but a gripe) especially when FaceBook has no problem with gay bashing going on at its social networking site.

Perhaps they have not noticed the gay bashing but what is surprising is when they are able to pinpoint a single image they deem fit for censorship.

No surprise here after almost losing my Political Jaywalker account on suppossedly using a "Fake Name." The argument that they are privately held as espoused by some and therefore not a public forum thus it is not covered by the constitutional guarantee on freedom of expression. Unfortunately while it is a "private property," they are not exactly private but is as public as it gets when the privacy of the members are compromised. Some found that out the hard way, too late to realize that their personal information and what they posted are accessible in the world wide web.

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