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Secure Maguindanao Massacre Witness Lakmodin "Laks" Saliao Now!

Suwaib Upham a key witness who was personally involved in the Maguindanao massacre was liquidated 3 months after recounting his role in the barbaric atrocities implicating the Ampatuan clan as the responsible party, who masterminded, planned, executed and led the carnage.

Three months and the Department of Justice under Alberto Agra failed or did not secure the witness under the witness protection program on a flimsy excuse that the witness did not present himself to them. How exactly does Secretary of Justice Alberto Agra expect the witness to trust them to put his very life in their hands when Agra absolved two of the principal accused, suspended ARMM Gov. Zaldy Ampatuan and another co-accused Datu Akhmad Ampatuan Sr. only to reverse himself due to the strong outcry from his whimsical treatment of the case?

Instead of ordering the investigation surrounding the murder of a key witness Alberto Agra would rather indulge in a blame game even threatening Harry Roque a private prosecutor hired by some of the massacre victims of filing a disbarment case. If the intent is to distract the people away from their responsibility and accountability of criminal neglect and sheer incompetence, he is sadly failing miserably at this cheap distraction.

Meanwhile, another vital key witness Lakmodin "Laks" Saliao a long time Ampatuan servant is out there facing the same likelihood of suffering the same fate of Upham while Agra plays the blame game. What is foremost is for the DoJ to secure the safety of the witness first before indulging in idle blame game that is just a pathetic attempt to extricate themselves from their responsibility. Alberto Agra’s antics on passing the blame on others will not resurrect a dead man and a witness at that, if this is not at the height of incompetence I don’t know what is?

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