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Cheating allegations on RP Cheaters Incorporated Vs. Koala Bear

First we have Joseph “Erap” Estrada not conceding because of what he claims was a massive electoral fraud in the “electronic Garci” fashion he termed Hocus PCOS. Allegations so wild based on hearsay offering no concrete evidence when his lawyer George Garcia claiming he has clients seeking his advice on whether to take up the offer of pre-programmed victories in exchange for tens of millions of pesos.

Something fishy in this story telling a lie coming from a lawyer, why a lawyer of all people is consulted on committing fraud is beyond me, but then again this is the Philippines. What, do the clients of Garcia think that committing electoral fraud is legal or if it is not, he can help them skirt the law? Why in the name of Supreme Court with midnight appointed Chief Justice will a lawyer entertain unlawful activities and just reporting it now instead of doing it before the election is puzzling? I guess he is not the type who is concerned in safeguarding the sanctity of the ballot?

Instead of offering evidence for his wild allegations he likened the allege fraud on a movie "Man of the Year" starring Robin Williams. Heck that alone should have been enough for his “clients” to question his competence.

All the while I was under the impression that Erap is in denial that the "vindication" he deluded himself will come in the form of the ballot did not materialize. It seems that there is more to this than meets the eye, this maybe more than just an attempt by the actor to try on his acting drama ability . According to an article by Raissa Robles if she is right may have something to do with Juan Ponce Enrile’s ploy to hang on to his senate president position. That makes more sense because why will they disrupt the process offering of all things a movie plot starring Robin Williams, but then again who knows maybe Erap and his lawyer must be seeing and acting in too many movies that he has a problem separating fiction from reality.

Then we have Robin the “Koala Bear” self-proclaimed electronic Hocus PCOS backdoor operator who I suspect can’t count just like his old mechanical backdoor operator counterpart. Votes were shaved went to Aquino he claims from Erap 4M, Bro. Eddie 3M, Villar 2.5 to 3M and Gibo losing 5 to 6 million, is he serious or delirious? If you add that up that’s 14.5 to 16 Million votes so is he saying that Noynoy Aquino’s “legitimate” votes are just around 3.5 to 5 Million? The most absurd is the claim on Gibo losing 5 to 6 Million votes, when he is lucky to even get that much votes. Now assuming that his tall tale is indeed true where in the name of plundering politicians will they get hold of billions of depreciated pesos without getting noticed? Where will they hide billions of depreciated pesos in cold cash?

I am almost inclined to believe Mary Anne Susano with her illegal possession of ugly face este CF cards but it turns out to be a dud fool errr full of gibberish data which ironically is similar to her wild allegations. I suspect if she is contemplating on running again it better be at the Looney Tunes where she has a better chance of winning. Ok, I did not say she is Looney but she will no doubt win that saving her from the embarrassing gibberish cheating allegations.

What I find more intriguing is the site of RP Cheaters Incorporated where they uploaded alleged email messages between Ronaldo Puno, Gloria Arroyo and Comelec Commissioner Nicodemo Ferrer. Unlike other empty allegations this site offers more detailed information and provides a disturbing clue on the death of a Comelec election officer Michael Valdez. If this is real, how they got hold of the messages is a mystery but of course hackers are skilled at what they do so the National Bureau of Investigation is on their tracts.

There is one particular email message at RP Cheaters Incorporated if it was authentic validates the suspicion that all these cheating allegations are designed to cast a doubt on Aquino’s mandate to undermine his earned political capital resulting in a landslide victory, to quote:
The explanation is rally quite simple. It's not that we did not do our part. In fact everyone did their part to the letter. The simple reason why we didn't get the numbers that we wanted was simple. The numbers of Aquino were way to high to be affected by what we did

Look at Mindanao, In areas where we had total control of the voting stations, Aquino never won in any area. Like in Basilan. But in order for us to achieve that, we were taking votes from Aquino not just by 10% but some areas we had to take away 22% of the votes, so that Teodoro might win. It plain and simple if you look at the numbers. In areas where we had somewhat control Gibo was doing pretty decent. It's just that the numbers were simply not enough. When it comes to the local bets. I'm sure that it has shown in the areas that we have absolute control. If there is anybody to blame for this debacle, it's actually the fact that Teodoro was the one they decided to field in the race.
If the Philippine post election electoral fraud allegations and counter allegations coming from all sides turns out to be a product of an equally fraudulent manufacturing of lies then it just completes the circus. Nothing unusual there since our electoral process has always been a circus and from time to time complete with a parade of freaks not just as a side show but the main event of the whole circus. Just look at Senator Aquilino Pimentel complaining on foreign dignitaries not so "courteous" diplomacy. He says their courtesy call on President-Elect Aquino is undiplomatic and should apologize to the Filipino people for disrespecting our electoral process. In the first place if they have not stopped the transmission of the tallies with just around 2 percent left we would not have this delay. After spending 7Billion, we expect an expedient counting and yet from the looks of it, with all the deliberate delays based on purely wild fictional allegations we are on the verge of not having a president-elect proclaimed. Is Mr. Pimentel really serious? No Mr. Pimentel, it has nothing to do with our 3rd world status but it has everything to do with our 3rd world attitude of undue delays that makes the Philippines so unstable and he should thank the diplomats instead for lending the Philippines a stable perception to the world.

What happens if the allegations turns out to be accurate, should we just dismiss it or should we demand an impartial investigation and all those found responsible should be charged in court and let them suffer the consequence of their misdeeds to the full extent of the law.

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