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Martial Law in Tacloban?

Whoever suggested that PNoy declare martial law in Tacloban is not just a fool but a sadistic inhuman cruel psychopath.

Martial law of course would mean restricting  the movement of the people, now why would someone do that when people are already immobilized with the destruction of the roads, bridges, and even public transportation by the super typhoon Yolanda. Where do they expect people to go when almost everything is destroyed with no place to go or go home during curfew hours when their homes were destroyed rendering them homeless?

The government can't even take care of the dead rotting on the streets of Tacloban and they want soldiers to guard and oppress the living survivors? That is not just adding insult to injury  at a time when they are down and feeling hopeless instead of assisting them to get up will be subjected to repression that will fan the flames of hatred and violence towards civil unrest.

Are they serious or seriously mentally impaired,  they want to put a stop to looting by imposing martial law? The actions of a few criminals and they want to restrict the freedom of an already suffering general population of Tacloban?

Perhaps owners of these business establishment should start paying their security guards decent wages rather than the slave wages and maybe they will be there when they really need them? There is really no need for martial law, besides suggesting that to a president whose family suffered under a despotic martial law dictatorial regime is really insensitive and idiotic. They ought to be glad that the president just walked out on them rather than order that person confined to a mental institution for suggesting martial law that only a psychotic would have suggested.

I am not a big fan of Noynoy Aquino especially now when I am getting impatient at how he deals with the PDAF scandal but I support and laud his effort not to succumb to idiotic brainless twat creating more problems than solution to an already desperate situation.
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