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Social Media's susceptibility to rumor mongers

The problem with social media is no wait I take that back.......... The problem with liars is that they have "better opportunities" to spread their story telling a lie worldwide as fast as they can pound on their keyboards. 

Really now!? How much more drama do people need amidst a major catastrophe where tragedy struck thousands of people losing their love ones in a horrific destruction coming from super typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan?

There are quite a number of people in despair finding themselves in a miserable plight they had never imagine will happen to them in an instant losing everything they had materially and some even their love ones. One has to be the lowest of the low and really a lazy bum to take the short cut instead of going to the ground to find human interest story. It must have been difficult for them to find it but way convenient to just snag an AP photo and concoct their not so accurate story. 

If this is the same outfit or if they are connected with ABS CBN, the people or maybe just a person responsible for this really need to get some serious professional help or this is really the game people play in a nation where lying is considered an art form as espoused by the Trapos? Unfortunately even if this was the handiwork of an unscrupulous employee or some nut job not connected and not sanctioned by the corporation it still reflects poorly on the company philosophy. Just the same ABS-CBN Corporation ought to be ashamed of themselves for allowing the plagiarization and the blatant story telling a lie!

How dare them manipulate and exploit people's emotion by lying and misrepresenting the picture of 2 boys they claim was shot in Tacloban. NO! they were nowhere near Tacloban but the pictures were taken in a stadium in Zamboanga during the MNLF siege. Contrary to the soap opera like tele-novela that they produce for the gullible public the boys are actually related, they are brothers.

If this image is being used to solicit donations, they should be held accountable for misrepresentation and fraud. What a shame and shame on them for turning social media into a worldwide cyberspace corner sari sari store gossip and rumor monger congregation!

The problem with emotional people and those of the highly partisan kind whether of the personality based patronage politics in the Philippines or any religious or even social stand is they can easily get exploited and manipulated. A little lie here and there and they get excited like little brats willing to defend it with their life, even if it was wrong but due to their highly partisan behavior, tend to be on self denial refusing to see reality. Another one circulating on the social media is the picture of VP Jojo Binay allegedly being stopped by US soldiers to get near the UN relief goods.

I was never a fan of Binay or any trapo even Noynoy Aquino but the people behind this irresponsible black propaganda truly redefines the Media PR practitioner in a different way as suggested by Hector Miñoza at Facebook:
MEDIA PR (political rumor) - The art of creating catastrophe in relief convergence operation at the ground. Instead of building bridges, they confuse and encourage people to build more walls to impede the process. (^_^)
The  image above circulating social media did not only lie about Binay being stopped by a soldier to go near the UN relief goods, but in the process demoted a rear admiral to a foot soldier. It was a visit to the Operation Damayan a joint military rescue mission and  the man they demoted down to foot soldier was Rear Admiral Mark Montgomery, commander, Battle Force 7th Fleet, have they no shame? If that was a Philippine military official I am sure there will be a lot of howl and protest coming from the "nationalist" and pretend nationalist politicians creating a scene over the demotion, LOL. What comes to mind is Senate President Frank Drillon having a tantrum when he was asked by a Filipino American TSA agent after 911 to go through security check and have his shoes removed arrogantly protesting telling the guy he was a big honcho (big fat guy alright, hehehe) back home as if it matters to the TSA guy.

Now how exactly does that help anyone or people to work hard for a common cause which is the rescue and relief operations for the victims of super typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan and of course not to be forgotten the Bohol earthquake and those displaced people of Zamboanga? What is the point of concocting lies? Are they are banking on the gullibility of the people that they shamelessly concoct lies when all they need to do is watch and listen with their hearts? But then again one with evil intentions can't see or hear realities before them.
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